Do you have to be able to roll your tongue to speak Spanish?

I’m planning to take spanish lessons in a two months, but I am wondering speaking spanish requires you to be able to roll your tongue. I can’t roll my tongue right now, so will I have to learn how or can you get by without it?


  1. You’ll learn. Or you’ll sound, in Spanish, like so many Spanish speakers do in English, when they don’t quite get the pronunciation right.

    It’s really something you have to do in person.

    Kate J
  2. it’s alright if you don’t at first, my friend couldn’t roll his r’s but after a while it became second nature to him; so you’ll probably be ok. ; )

  3. No, you can replace trilled or rolled r’s with regular English r’s and you’ll get around just fine, but you will certainly be identified as an English speaker.

  4. You’ll have to practice. It is mainly for double rr and when r is the first letter of a word. It will take awhile when it comes easier. Just concentrate on correct pronunciation.

    Donald F
  5. Well, the double ‘r’ helps distinguish from other spanish words with the single ‘r’. It probably might be good to learn how to roll your double ‘r’. Like ‘caro’ and ‘carro’, ‘ahora’ and ‘ahorra’, ‘pero’ and ‘perro’. Not rolling you double ‘r’ might cause spanish speakers to ask you what you said again. They might giggle if you don’t roll.

    El Moreno

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