Do you have to be mexican or spanish to have a quinceanera?

I was just wondering because i was reading something about them and i was wondering if you had to be spanish or mexican to have one? would it be weird if you weren’t?


  1. It is mainly part of the Latino/Hispanic culture. I have never heard of any one who is not having a Quinceanera (but I live in California which has a lot of Hispanics like myself). It would be weired because it is a traditional celebration not only celebrating the "beginning" of women hood but the Latino culture.

  2. yes, but the only acception is if your mom or dad is spanish. You can also have one if you are in a spanish area or any one of your blood relation family is spanish. It would be weird, but ive never heard of someone doing that. but i’m like 12

  3. I think it`s just a mexican thing, but people in spain might do it too. I`d think it would be kind of awkward to have one if you weren`t, just wait a year for a sweet sixteen. Besides you can`t get a car for your fifteenth birthday, but you sure as hell can for your sixteenth! =)

    Michael M.
  4. A quinceanera is the same thing as a sweet 16. The latin community just celebrates it at 15 years old instead of 16 (most hispanics living in the US however celebrate sweet 16 instead).

    Don Juan de Marco
  5. Since it is a "coming of age" party I see no reason not too. It is only different from a sweet 16 by the religious and symbolic measures taken. This is really a question to ask your parents they may love the idea.

  6. The Mexicans call it quinceanera. But in other Spanish speaking countries it’s called Los quince. The Mexican version is very different I heard they make other people pay for different things like the cake, dj etc,in the Cuban version, the parents pay for everything. When I had mine (I’m Cuban) I had a choreographer and everything. The girl will dance a waltz with her dad, and then fourteen of her girlfriends and their respective partners all dressed in gowns and tuxedos will dance as well, the first song was a Danzon, which is a dance from the 1800’s from Cuba and it represents Cuban music and is similar to a waltz, then they’ll dance rock, pop etc.My daughter, being American born, did not have one she had a Sweet Sixteen party. But if you want one, why not? I know jewish people who put up Christmas trees for their kids just for the hell of it.!! But you should research..not all quinceaneras are like the mexican style. they have different kinds.

  7. Not only mexicans and spanish have quinceañeras, you are forgetting the latin american countries that do this, and no, you don’t have to be mexican or spanish to have a quinceañera, you have to be part of the culture that do this

  8. Many different countries have them, not just Spain or Mexico.

    There are a lot of symbolic/religious aspects of the celebration, so in that sense, it would be a little "strange" to have one. BUT, if you just want to celebrate your "coming of age" at 15, I don’t see why that would be a problem. I think it’s awesome that you find them interesting! Ask your parents–they might like the idea as well.

    My quince was AMAZING and I will never forget it =) Whatever you decide to do, just have fun!

  9. quincañera is a girl who is 15. maybe u mean quinces, it is the party when a girl get 15 years old, and it is latino tradition, americand do it to 16 years old girls

    Jorge P
  10. Welll DUH!!!! and yes it would be extremlyy werid if you werent!!
    And just to let you know YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE “MEXICAN” TO HAVE ONE!
    im el salvadoren !!! Hellz yeah shout out to all you peeps out there and i had one and all my friends had one and there el salvadorien you just have to be latina/hispanic

  11. im half latino (my dads argentinian and my moms american) and i would think that if you’re not latino/hispanic or have those ethnicity then you probably shouldn’t have one, because it is big in their cultures and if you aren’t latino/hispanic you should just do a regular sweet 16


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