Do you know any Mexicans that speak out against illegal immigration?

Do you know or personally know any Mexicans (or any Hispanics in general) that speak out against illegal immigration?


  1. lots of them. many of my family are sick of illegal immigration.

    i have 3 uncles who came here legality and funny enough one met one of my aunts and introduced the other sisters to his brothers. needless to say a large portion of my family is from mexico and the speak out against illegals frequently.

    Isaiah O
  2. There are many Americans who used to be Mexicans who speak out against illegal aliens, but I don’t know any Mexicans who do, except for illegal aliens going into Mexico. Those their government put into prison and immediately after deport.

  3. it’s safe to assume that because about more that 50% of the people in Arizona agree with it’s new immigration laws, so many Mexicans (American-born, legal) agree with it.

  4. Surprisingly I do. I work with Hispanics who are constantly talking about how the illegals should not be getting free health care at our hospital. They also make comments about those that have not learned to speak English. But then they also speak in Spanish with each other at work, go figure.

  5. I know two (Actually Americans who immigrated here from Mexico). They are ballistic over illegal immigration, as they feel that others skip to the front of the line that they stood so patiently in.
    I am on a project with individuals from all over the globe, predominantly Indian and Asian. You want to see anti-illegal rage? Talk to those guys.

  6. Yeah my wife. She is from Central America and criticizes our government for not doing anything about it. Its like leaving the door open to a candy shop.

  7. unfortunaly yes- Most people from mexico, central and south america come to US to find work wherever they are hired. It could be washing toilets, washing dishes, taking care of kids or cleaning houses etc. they will do it for a few dollars so that they can send home to feed their starving families back home. Some of these people even get killed getting here. Sure there are bad elements in every race including illegal immigrates but most are just here to make a few bucks. And for Andrew’s wife all i have say, you are so lucky you are not an illigal because so many people from central america are soooooooooooooo needy. You have no heart!!!!!!!


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