Do you know anything Latin American or Spanish science fiction novel?

I know a good due to a task in my school: "The men who terrorized the world" by Diego Lopez.
And you?


  1. I love Laura Esquivel’s work and her "La Ley del Amor" is a really good one. It is sci-fi with strong elements of romance. I recommend it. It’s quirky and kinda fun. If you read in Spanish, definitely get it in its original Spanish.

  2. No we just read the good or famous sci-fi novels. Lucky for me, the fad of reading lesser known authors based on their ethnic origins hadn’t gained full control yet.

    How many Czech sci-fi stories have you read? (yes, this is a pointed question, as there are actual famous Czech sci-fi writers)

    not a top con & proud
  3. Are you including magical realism in your description of science fiction? In which case there is Jorge Luis Borges (The Library of Babel), lots of Garcia Marquez, and another by Laura Esquivel (Como Agua Para Chocolate).

    Otherwise I’m embarrassed to say the closest I get is Portuguese writer Jose Saramago (Blindness) – and it doesn’t sound like you’re looking for Portuguese language stories.

    Otherwise, there’s a short wikipedia entry for Spanish Science Fiction writers. Maybe this will be a good place to start. Good luck!


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