Do you learn spanish with Mexican pronunciation?

Well, I am mexican and I always have wondered that. You may know that spanish has different pronunciations, in Spain the ‘s’, ‘z’ and ‘c’ aren’t pronounced in the same way, in Mexico they do.

So, do you learn spanish with mexican pronunciation?

Thank you!!!


  1. In high school I learend the Peruvian accent because two of my teachers were Peruvian lol. I think it’s kind of similar to Mexican accent. My friend learned the Castilian accent though. It really depends on the teacher.

  2. Hello and greetings from a Gabacho in Santa Cruz, California:

    No puedo pensar en nada que hace este gabacho más feliz que la capacidad de comunicarme en esta lengua tan rica y gloriosa.

    I can’t think of anything more useful or practical than learning how to speak Spanish. It is spoken everywhere all over the United States. It is a beautiful language and nothing will give you more pride and awareness than to be able to think and communicate in this great language. I highly recommend you begin to study and continue to do so upon moving here. I live in Santa Cruz, California, and I work with Spanish speakers from all over the Spanish speaking world. There isn’t a day that passes that I don’t speak as much Spanish as English, and frankly, I enjoy Spanish a lot better.
    I work as a translator in Santa Cruz and as a Spanish tutor for college students at the University of Cabrillo in Aptos, California. There’s nothing I enjoy more than speaking Spanish!

    Go on You tube and study anything and everything about Vicente Fernandez. He’s my favorite singer in the world, Mexican, and his accent couldn’t be more authentic.

    ¡Sé que puedes hacerlo!
    John/Juan ….el gringo o gabacho que habla español.


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