Do you need to speak mexican to hire a day laborer from the Home Depot?

If I’m so ignorant, how come I am the one wanting to hire them


  1. Yes, of course he speaks American didnt you understand him, and you responded in American too (talking to guy above me) But yes, i speak Mexican, although my Mexican isnt that great, mainly food names. I recently found out my neighbor isnt named El Taco. Sad times when no one is named El Taco.

    Mighty Balls™
  2. i always speak mexican to my laborers, actually i learned all my mexican from the gardner. but he sometimes calls me puta…, i guess its a compliment, but i dont really know.

    im sure your smart as a whip

    earl spelled noone wrong.. duh.

  3. When I used to hire spanish speaking day laborers in El Paso, I could not speak the language very well, but I was always able to communicate what I wanted done either by giving physical examples or by using pictures. Pictures such as a clock with the hands on noon for lunch time or on five o’clock for quiting time. Universal hand gestures such as bringing your hand to your mouth like you are holding a glass and drinking to indicate a drink or other gestures that have no mistake in their meaning. As far as physical examples I used a hoe to get rid of weeds and handed the hoe to the individual and indicated the area I wanted hoed out and cleared. Hope this helps.

  4. (sigh), do you know that mexican is not a language? Spanish is the language spoken by mexicans as well as other 30 countries in latinamerica and spain.

    Do you speak american?


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