Do you need to speak Spanish fluently to live in Peru?

I plan on traveling to Peru and eventually I’d like to live there. Do you need to speak Spanish well or are there a lot of people who speak English there?


  1. Work opportunities would be very limited, to foreign companies or organizations where they speak English. Without knowing Spanish your experience will be frustrating for day to day living, also socially, as those that understand English are few. On the other hand, Peruvian girls like to hang around with foreigners and it’s an advantage to speak bad or with thick accent.

  2. It would definitely help, you might meet some people who speak English but for day to day activities at least some Spanish is necessary.
    It would be like going to to Iowa and only speaking German, you might be by but it would be hard

  3. If you live in Lima, then might get by living there without too many problems. It would be to your advantage though learn enough of the language to make it easier. Be sure to understand too that the dialect is much different in Peru than if you learn "normal" Spanish. I got by when I visited in 1999. I was surrounded by enough people who knew English, so I made it through okay. The most English you will hear would be at airports, banks and other place similar that would be more international, so you could survive that part. If you go out of the way, then you will struggle. Have a good time.

  4. Try to learn some basic spanish for your day to day living, if you’re planning to live in a touristic city like Cuzco it would be much easier because loads of people speak english there. anyway, if you want to live in a spanish speaking country, you should learn spanish then,

  5. i just moved to Arequipa about a month ago and i spoke a little Spanish, it would help if you knew it but i am getting by just fine. when you get here it would be good to take up Spanish lessons, because they will help a lot. but the people here are very helpful and understanding lol. in Lima a lot of people speak English and basically people here will do everything they can to help you, most people that is. but you do have to be careful because there are gangs, personally my family has a body guard. lol
    i have to say though, i do love it here, but remember to stock up on american food because you can’t find a lot of it here. hope i helped

  6. You are a lucky pal cause they do not speak English and you will be forced to learn Spanish and become bilingual in less than a year and the Peruvians are very nice and friendly people overall, they will go out of their way to help you and make you feel welcomed.

    Trapped In The USA
  7. I think its great that your planing on moving to Peru. I’m peruvian and my family their speaks english and spanish. Not fluently but enough. Since you plan on living their it would be a great idea to learn spanish. It also depends on where you go to live, maybe the city has more english speaking people. well good luck.

    Veronica S
  8. Are you planing on moving to Peru ? after living in the U.S. ? I hope you have
    mucha moola to keep you away from the rampant misery there, you silly soul .I wouldn’t even move to England ,where things aren’t any better than the good old United states .South America is in bad shape my friend in any way you want to look at it and don’t think that the chicks in Peru are something to behold either . I know , I’ve lived there !


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