Do you prefer Carribean Spanish or Mexican spanish?

I live in TX so I prefer MX spanish since I have more experience with that.

I have noticed that ppl in the carribean pronounce the LL differently and that they omit the d when saying things like halbado or pegado.They say it like pegao or hablao.My bf is mx and he hates the way they speak in PR and other places because of that.He thinks it’s weird.What do you prefer??
and carribean spanish is not carribean spanish, it is just spanish.But how else am i supposed to distinguish betweetn the 2?
** i meant between


  1. I prefer the CB/DR/PR spanish. I know they leave out the d’s but if you get use to it, it actually is more easier to speak in spanish..or at my opinion it is, but then again, I am cuban so.. 😛 who knows?


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