Do you think it's appropriate for an Anglo white man to date a Mexican mestiza Latina?

Is this appropriate, or are the cultural differences simply too vast to make this sort of relationship work?

I mean, I can speak fluent Spanish, but I mainly learned it while living in Spain. Mexican slang still confuses me.


  1. Date whomever YOU want , not whomever everyone wants you to date. personally , I think it is beautiful when two different cultures merge and share their customs with one another. You are asking this question as if we were savages that need domestication and as if there is too much of a difference among us. I myself am Mexican and am married to a a black man from the US and we have assimilated very well, i don’t see why you can’t . .Best of luck finding that special someone regardless of ethnicity…

    PS. Don’t pay attention to the white supremacists spewing their hatred ….

  2. No it is not appropriate for any White man(regardless of European ethnicity)to date a Mestiza Mexican.If you want to date a Mexican,then go date a White Mexican instead.

    Basque Soldier of Spain

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