Do you think its bad im Mexican and i don't speak Spanish?

Ok im mixed moms Mexican and dad American. I speak a little and understand everything prefect but when i was younger my dad told my mom to stop speaking spanish to us. It was sad

But when i go to Mexico people look at me badly because i dont speak Spanish and im Mexican

What do you think?


  1. Im well my generation in my famly does not know how to speak spanish but all of our parents do. It’s not really your fault your parents didnt teach you spanish.

    Charlie M
  2. Your dad had no right to tell your mother this, it was actually an unintelligent thing to do because now instead of you having the opportunity to be bi-lingual you now have to relearn this language. It’s not bad though, I mean my mom is half irish and don’t know a lick of Irish. There are so many people here that are from europe or Africans that were born there and raised here that some of them don’t know their own language either. You live in America where 99% are from another country and they don’t know their own language either. America is a country of foreigners.

    *Biracial Beauty* III Acct.
  3. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact in sweden, hardly anyone speaks swedish. They pretty much speak all english. There’s pluses and minuses to that but one person? No harm done. ; ) I say live life how you want to live. If learning spanish gets in the way of that, i say just stick with english. Plus it’s universal! What could possibly go wrong?

    Justin Dettman
  4. Agreed, your dad had no right to tell you not to speak Spanish. But that’s in the past.

    It is not a fact that because you have some Mexican heritage you must therefore speak Spanish (after all Mexico has many languages as part of its heritage).

    But knowing another language is so very useful and can enrich your life. So if you want to learn Spanish do so. My bet is that you are still very young, which will make it easier.

    You could always learn a totally different language though like Mayan, it just depends on what you want… do not let people tell you what to do.

    Linguist Unlisted

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