Do you think we should all know how to speak Spanish?

"But understand this… you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish!" – Barack Hussein Obama
From: News week
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Just to let you all know I have no problem with learning a new language. I would really like to know German! I just wanted to know what you all thought?


  1. No, we should NOT have to learn how to speak Spanish. If we want to learn a language, we should able be a to chose which language to speak. French, German, Chinese, etc. In my opinion, people in Europe and Asia chose to learn English to better themselves. Because they thought, English, America, HELLO. Me personally, I’m never going to Mexico for business. Our ancestors learned the English language. That’s what THEY need to do.

  2. I don’t see how it could hurt. Especially since that is the language of our closest neighbour. I am all about improving education in our country so of course I am for learning new languages. I think Chinese is also an important language our curriculum should be emphasizing.

    His Divine Shadow
  3. Yes, it just makes sense. Hispanics WILL BE the majority in the U.S., and majority rules. All the people griping about people speaking Spanish will be left in the dust. It’s a huge career incentive to speak Spanish in almost any career – employers are really looking for bilingual candidates.

  4. Yes, I saw the quote and saw the video. I’m not offended by it at all. I want my kids to be worldly.

    English is the official language in my home, but my kids have been getting private Spanish lessons for about a year. My husband and I thought it a good idea 1)So they would know something of a foreign language before high school; 2)To get their brains moving and interested in something educational outside of school; and 3)To give them a heads-up on what is going on. Latinos are the fastest growing population in the US, so why not be educated in their language? There is never anything wrong with broadening your horizons and your outlook, however a myopic view can be detrimental.

  5. I believe we all need to learn ebonics to go along with our spanish, but only if it’s ok with yahoo answers and the little weenie that keeps pushing the violate button.

    Jake Rather
  6. Obama was speaking about our children. Most children from large industrial countries can speak multiple languages while American children only speak one. If we are to remain competitive in the world, then our children need to be educated much better than they are today. Currently we are teaching our children to pass a test and then forget the information once the test is passed. They are not taught that the information is pertinent to their daily lives. We just have to do better, and I don’t think that a man who cannot even use a computer is the man for the job.

    Obama ’08

  7. No, this is America, we speak English here. I’m sorry but I would NEVER have the audicty to move to another country and then expect everyone to confrom and learn my language because I moved there, and it would make my life easier.

    My realives who came over on the boat struggled and learned English, so honestly its all you can do.

    If you can’t speak English here, learn it.

    Ann M
  8. You’re a solid week behind the chatter curve.

    You’re misquoting him — he was saying that just as immigrants need to learn English, it would be a good idea for our kids to learn a second language, just like the other 6 billion people on the planet do.

    Find a new distortion to peddle.

  9. no, I don’t want any of you to understand what I speak of with certain individuals,

    I’m a family man, I want no one else to succeed, I tend to see the worst in people.

    Black Camaro
  10. I think we need to put effort into learning new languages. I myself would like to learn German. BTW I don’t trust News Week big time biased and owned by Rupert Murdoch.

    Jeff B

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