1. understandable but really different.

    Steve is right.. but it´s not true that Spanish from Spain is more "traditional" they have a lot of idiomas even by regions.

  2. Very much so. I feel that Mexicans speak at a higher pitch. Additionally, Spanish in Spain is spoken with a "ciceo" which means they change their soft c and soft z to "th" so the word "conozco" (I know) would be pronounced "conothco"

    Plus, the vocabulary is much different. Spain is more traditional, whereas Mexican Spanish uses more slang, especially vulgar words.

  3. Yes, it differs the same as in American and British English. Pronunciation and conjugation are a little different but it’s very understandable without talking slang. The issues with languages is that everybody speaks it and everybody thinks they are an expert. Actually these kinds of talk are deeply marked by profound IGNORANCE.


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