Does anyone else think we should deport any mexican that doesn't speak English??

What I was meaning was illegal mexicans that come to America and work 3 jobs and then send all the money they make back to mexican, then expect us to know Spanish. I think you should learn English if you are going to live in america. Sorry if some people don’t think English is the offical language of America, but I do. And it is the same for us if we go to another county, we should learn to speak what the majority of the country speaks!!!


  1. It has nothing to do with Mexicans, it’s anybody who doesn’t know English. I don’t care if your chinese or french or Italian or whatever, if you don’t know English, you shouldn’t be here; unless you are here and trying to learn English by taking classes or something to that extent.

  2. No!!! YOU RACIST BIMBO!! Maybe we should start sending all the racists to Mexico and see how Mexicans will ACCEPT them. Why can’t we do that for them?

    ♥Crazy in Love♥
  3. As opposed to anyone else who doesn’t speak English? Watch out… some racism is slipping into your argument.

    Also–would that logic mean that if you get a chance to go study in France or Italy, you should be deported from their countries unless you can pass a language equivalency test?

    I’m pretty sure that in order to get citizenship, someone must pass all kinds of tests. I will be curious to know whether those tests are English only.

  4. What is the "official language" of the United States? Actually if you research, there isn’t one! Furthermore, there are many cities in the south west that were bought from Mexico by the U.S.A. who speak nothing but Spanish. Where would those persons be sent?

    Furthermore, many (let me stress that word) do not wish to remain in the United States. Due to machismo in Mexico, as is the majority of Latin America, many seek to flee. Again, look at statistics or the estimates of ‘illegals’ the United States doesn’t have as many as France, Spain, Germany, etc… I hate to break it to you, but why would you want to come to the United States when you do have to work to survive? The U.S. isn’t the leader in socialism!

    On the other hand, I once read in Newsweek a great point. Many of the jobs that Hispanics are taking are the ‘untouchable’ jobs; including, dishwashers, cooks, or any manual labor i.e. construction. I hate to break it to you, if this sector was cut out of society our economy would probably collapse. There aren’t enough Americans "the home of the free" that want to do these jobs. Unless, that is, you and your friends want to sign up?

  5. Interesting question. Should we deport every Navajo that doesn’t speak english, or every Pawnee, Lakota, Cherokee ? Perhaps we should deport everyone that only speaks english, they are also immigrants. After all, english is NOT the native language of this Land.

  6. Nope, only people that are here illegaly should be deported. Unfortunately for the rest of us that they didn’t deport your ancestors when they came to this country though. Racism is such an ugly thing to harbor in your heart. Life is to Dang short to live it filled with such hatred. I truly pity you!

    Harley Lover

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