Does anyone know where to find a list of old popular spanish mexican songs?

I want a list of popular songs for example ( vicente fernandez, ramon ayala ) but i’m trying to find more i’ve heard but don’t know the names. If anyone can tell me where to find a list of all those popular mexican songs or where i can get a cd with all types of various spanish artists. i would appreciate it please!! thank you

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  1. Los Lobos Del Este De Los Angeles (Just Another Band from East L.A.) is a good CD, you can find it on iTunes, just make sure to cut & paste the entire "Los Lobos Del Este De Los Angeles" in the search area. If you just type in "Los Lobos" you’ll get their stuff in english and not this one.

    Volare! – The Very Best Of The Gipsy Kings is also very good, and is available on iTunes as well.


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