Does Lionel Messi mainly speak Argentinian Spanish or Catalan?

Whenever I hear Lionel Messi talk, I cannot understand him. I speak Mexican Spanish and I can, at times, pick up some words and phrases. However, I don’t know if it’s because Catalan sounds similar to Spanish or if he IS actually speaking Spanish.


  1. Te puedo asegurar que Messi no saber hablar una palabra de catalán..

    I can assure you that Messi cannot speak a word of Catalan, he only speaks Spanish with Argentinian accent but he’s so shy that he does not speak clearly.

  2. Catalan is familiar to Spanish. I believe that in Barcelona he speaks mostly Catalan. The Argentinian accent is very difficult to understand at times so that may be the problem too.

  3. In Argentina the main form of spanish is Castilian but since Messis been living in Barcelona for pretty much his whole life I’d say he speaks Catalan. If heard him in interviews and he does have the Catalan sort of accent that Xavi and Puyol have.

  4. He speaks argentinian accent 100%, I can assure that ´cause im argentinian and speak spansish perfectly. If he had catalan accent i would easily realize of that. And he is so shy, sometimes we have to pay a big attention to understand him, but all is because of the shyness

  5. I also have difficulties to understand everything he says but I most things I get because he speaks like the andalusian do and I´m familiar with this dialect (because of my ex-boyfriend who is andaluz)

    What about english?? Does he speak english?? Or even know?? I always hear him talking spanish

  6. 100% Argentinian Spanish… actually it is no different with the Spain Spanish, but it just how they pronounced it a little bit different… lets say Spain people will read “ ll “ as “ y “ while Argentinian read that sounds like “ shh “. I quite understand him because I’ve been living in Argentina for 5 years. And one of the reason you didnt quite understand him is because he’s too shy, whenever he’s speaking it is a bit like shaking or he kinda speak in a quick way because he’s shy. But sometimes when he had a conversation with Iniesta or Pique, I can assure that he’s kinda mixing up with a bit Catalan, but he nearly 100% speaking in Argentinian Spanish..


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