Does Tell Me More teach Latin American Spanish or Spanish in Spain?

I know this was already asked but the answer that was given was unclear
Yeah, sorry about that…
"Tell Me More" is a learning software like Rosetta Stone, or Rocket Spanish.


  1. Hi Dark,
    Your question is very vague to me
    You may need to "edit" your question and add more information as to what is
    "Tell Me More" it a book, dvd, what?
    I’d be more that happy to help you if you include that in your question.
    I’m fluent in Spanish.

  2. I’m not familiar with the software specifically, but I would think that they would be using standardized Spanish on a program like that. Standardized Spanish is basically proper Spanish without much of the individual dialect words from other countries. Spain is the Spanish-speaking country that speaks the most standardized Spanish of the rest, so my assumption would be that it would be more like the Spanish of Spain. If you wanted to learn the Spanish of a specific Latin American country you would most likely have to take some sort of linguistics class because the different dialects and vocabularies are so different from one another.


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