Does the Mayors Wife have a right to tell me not to speak spanish?

I asked you before that there was a lady that yelled at me at a casino not to speak Spanish well that Lady was the Mayors wife of Fairview Mt. does she have the right to tell me that just because she is the Mayors Wife. She should now our rights don’t you think being the Mayors Wife


  1. It’s a free country, you can speak what you want. Just don’t expect us to accommodate you if Spanish is the only language you speak (which it obviously isn’t, but a lot of native speakers think we should have translators on hand 24-7).

    Edit: One of the other answers stated that there’s a lot of hostility towards Spanish speakers. That’s true, but not because we’re jealous or paranoid. It’s just that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are Spanish speaking, so we tend not to look kindly on those people who speak only Spanish in public because we jump to conclusions. It’s not right, but it’s the truth.

  2. everybody has a freedom of speech…so unless your employer tells you not to speak spanish at work, u have the right to speak any language.

  3. You can do whatever you want, the problem is that people are always mad at spanish speakers i don’t know why, maybe cause they’re jealous about some other people knowing more than them ( they’re paranoid, and like to think that you’re planning something against them) , of course you have to use english when you’re speaking to english speakers, so they can understand what you’re saying, and to be polite. But, if you want to speak in some other language with anyone who also knows that language you should do it, no matter if some women gets upset, no matter who she is…

  4. you have a right to speak any language you want, wherever you want. my thoughts on it is, if you are speaking Spanish to your friends or family and someone tells you to speak English, why do they want to know what you’re saying anyways? tell them it is rude to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations whatever language they’re speaking.


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