does the mexican accent sound different than the spanish accent in spain?

is the mexican accent different than the spanish accent in spain after spanish colonists lost mexico and the spanish still there?


  1. of course it is. Every language has accents, regionalisms, and local idioms. I learned to speak Spanish by working with people from Chile – later, in conversing with both Puerto Ricans and in visiting Mexico, my accent was clearly identified by them as "South American".

    I can tell when someone is from England or Maine or New York or Georgia – even though they’re all speaking English – can’t you?

  2. Most ships and immigrants sailing to the New World started from Seville, so the Spanish they carried with them was not the standard Spanish of Castrle, but the dialect of Andalusia, with z pronounced as s (seseo) and ll as y (yeismo), The Spanish of the High Andes and of Central Mexico underwent little further change, except in vocabulary, but there were further phonetic simplifications along the coasts and on the islands of the Caribbean (a tendency to drop s before a following consonant for instance) and around the River Plate estuary, where LL became pronounced like a French j: pollo like podjo or pozho.

  3. Of course it does! Even in a small country like Spain accents change from one area to another, so imagine what distance and a different background can do in a lanaguage


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