Easiest way to learn spanish when you're too shy to speak up in front of a spanish speaking person?

My boyfriend is Puerto Rican and his whole family speaks spanish. I am in spanish II in my school, but its worthless. Im not learing anything in my school environment. I need an easy resolution other than learning from him or his family first.


  1. Everyone learns at a different pace and in different ways. Are you better at reading than listening? At writing than speaking? Or is it all confusing? Start with the basics, colors, numbers, food, etc. and work into basic sentences. It’s really like a big puzzle that comes together little by little, and can be very exhuasting. For me, I was always too shy to practice, so to understand I recorded "Destinos" and basically talked to the tv, imitating them (even though they sounded funny to me!). That made it a little more enjoyable and understandable. Later I lived in Mexico and basically had to carry my little dictionary everywhere and look up everything about 100 times, the more I used the words, the better I remember them.

    1. listen to music in Spanish-whatever your style, they have it. And learn the lyrics.

    2. Use your dictionary and write down new/important words in a little notebook.

    3. Practice with someone you feel comfortable with, maybe someone who can go slow at first and practice the things you already know.

  2. but the best way is to learn from he and his family, there are too many different variations of spanish and to be able to fully understand them you need to immerse yourself in their language. you can also listen to spanish music, television shows and ask questions of meaning and pronunciation from him and his family….they will be more than happy to help you learn, just like they would appreciate you helping them with their english.

    i'll be watching you
  3. the easiest way and hard why in the same time, to have a self confident and to say that u can and u know and u are good. so i know it’s a little hard but u can make it easy dear. don’t be shy and be brave that u can talk Spanish.. good luck, tell us what will happen plz 🙂

  4. Learn it the way they learn english. Watch spanish tv. It really helped me quite a bit when I was learning spanish. I even got into 2 of those novellas. They only last a few months, then they are replaced with others. The only thing is, the guys are not always all that hot looking, but the chicks are always gorgeous. It isn’t fair. I wanted a little more manbabe for my buck. Maybe it’s more even these days. Good Luck!

  5. In my experience, Spanish speakers are very tolerant and encouraging of people who want to learn Spanish. I wouldn’t be afraid at all.

    By the way, you can learn a lot by listening. There has to be something in your mental knowledge of Spanish before you can say anything, anyway.


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