English translation for Latin american spanish phrase or term pronounced ‘whetto’?

I am working under a latin american (spanish) speaking supervisor. Instead of calling me by name, I am now being refered to the whetto?
Although I could care less what anyone chooses to call me, I’d still like to know what it means.


  1. I can notice that you want the meaning of a word that is pronounced "whetto".
    I am Mexican & perhaps the word you are about to know is "GÜERO" but I am not sure about this.

    "Güero" is translated as BLOND or FAIR-HAIRED MAN

    If you are interested in knowing what your Latin American supervisor is trying to tell you, please ask him….. in this way you will know what the WORD really is or means.


  2. Well, I believe he is not calling you "WHETTO" I think he is refering to you as "güero" which is spanish slang for "rubio" (blond) and in case your hair is neither blond nor a light color well then maybe you have fair skin, I guess what I am trying to say that calling a white person "güero" is a latin thing. On tge other hand if your name is ROBERT then he maybe callong you"BETO" which is the latin nickname for "ROBERTO"

  3. Whetto is mex slang for white boy or white person. there are many diff dialects and slang depending where in mexico is from. you were not misunderstanding the word. we have a white dachshund named whetto.

    Whetto Tanner

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