European Spanish / Latin American Spanish?

I’ve never studied Spanish officially, but I think if I did that I would like European Spanish better. If I learned to speak Spanish like it’s spoken in Spain, would I have any trouble being understood by Spanish speakers in the Americas?

What’s the main difference bw latin american spanish and european spanish?

– (I’m czech)


  1. I just traveled to spain for an emersion program but all my teachers here in the states us south american spanish. There is a bit of vocab differences, for example in spain they say movil instead of telefono celular and graciosa instead of comica and ordenador instead of computadora…you get the idea. As to understanding, I thinking learning either is fine. Accents will very even in spain. Where i was staying they dropped all there s’s which meant it took some time to pick up the accent but eventually it became easier. I hope this helps

  2. Accent is quite different, using vostros which isn’t often used in latin America. But anyone in the Americas will be able to understand you if you learn the European Spanish.


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