excuseme. do you americans or whatever have a hard time trying to understand a person with mexican accent?

i am mexican and i speak an ok englisk and i will go to usa next month but, i have a thick accent. however i think i have a good pronunciation but, the opinion that i really care is the one of native speaker like you americans… is the mexican accent hard to comprehend?


  1. Hello! (Ho la..) I don’t have too much trouble understanding anyone’s accent. If English is not a person’s first language, but they are trying to speak English, I admire them for trying. (I admire the people in Europe who can speak 3-4 languages, fluently, (very well). I know a little bit of Spanish, but not enough to have a conversation. My son, is an American ("white boy", ha!). He has alot of Mexican friends and he taught himself to speak Spanish after he became an adult. So.o.o., my American son, can talk to you in Spanish or English, and I know he can understand your accent when you speak English. Hopefully, you can meet some open minded people that will try and understand your English, & help you learn more. I know there is a difference between Reading English and Speaking English. Bless you & Good Luck! (By the way, you spelled your words really well, better than some Americans.)

  2. I don’t know, but just from your post, you have a very stiff way of speaking english. If you’re trying to pass for an american, you’re not going to pass. However, soak in all the conversation of americans that you can, it will make your speech more like our conventional way of talking. Good luck!

    just wondering
  3. I haven’t, I have more trouble with all the freaking indian(india) accents on the stupid tech help phone lines.. It’s nice to call wasting minutes on ppl who you can’t understand and yet they are the only ones who can fix you pc issues and etc

    also it’s english*
    and are you coming over legally? lol

    Kaela S
  4. It all depends, some times I will have a difficult time understanding any one who has an accent.
    The Mexican accent is difficult for me to comprehend, my opinion to this situation is and always will be.
    That no matter where you come from or where- ever you choose to live—Learn how to read, write and understand the language before you get there. Then once you are there continue to improve on your skills. here in the States you can take advantage of the free English classes which they offer to those like you who might benefit from it.
    Good luck.

  5. sometimes it is, but we do the best we can trying to figure it out….if you point or write it down it also helps…..sorry…..i have noticed when you say pepsi, it comes out pesi…..with an accent…..its like"what"???? but we tend to manage…..good luck with your trip here and have some fun!


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