Give at least 3 examples of how "Mexican/Spanish" food is different in Mexico, America,and spain?


  1. Most Americans don’t realize that Spanish food and Mexican Food are totally different. Spanish food is Southern European/Mediterranean – Garlic, Olives, Olive Oil,Seafood, Cheese, Wine, Saffron etc.

    Mexican food has more of a Native American influence – Corn, Beans, Chile Peppers. The Spanish explorers and settlers introduced a few staples to Mexico and Latin America from Europe like Wheat (flour) and beef but the food and culture retained a strong Native American identity.

    Mexican food in the U.S.differs from region to region. In areas that are close to the border like Southern Arizona, California and Texas the food is closer to traditional "Old Mexico" food. Mexican food itself differs from region to region as well. Coastal areas vs.Inland areas vs.North and South etc.

    In places that are further north like Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado the food has elements of Mexican food but has evolved differently. Possibly because of the colder climates. "New Mexican" food is all about Red or Green Chile, Pinto Beans (not black beans) and Flour Tortillas – Corn Tortillas are usually only used to make Tacos or Enchiladas.

    "Tex-Mex" food has elements of traditional Mexican food combined with the regional foods of Texas.

  2. Paella is Spanish. Never found in US or Mexico (unless a true Spaniard makes it in a real Spanish or eclectic restaurant.) Mexican food is relatively tame. Try New Mexican food from Taos/Santa Fe area and it will melt your spoon! The Mexican people don’t like hot/spicy food at all. American food, i.e. "New Mexican" is very, very hot. (I lived there 20 years! I know.) You will not find burritos, enchiladas in Spain the way you find them in US. (Can you say Taco Bell?) Then again, enchiladas in Mexico differ slightly from the US. In Arizona, the Mexican food is far different from New Mexico, just one state away. And of course there’s TexMex which is basically hamburger meat and ketchup. Not Mexican at all. But people eat it. Many, many variations and we’re are all better off for it! I love it all. The variety is great!

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