Has any non-Spanish speaking Mexican out there been called LAZY for not knowing your language?

Some Spanish-speaking Mexicans call me lazy because i cant speak spanish! and i’m not even Mexican! (i look Mexican but i’m full blooded Native American)


  1. im not mexican but im peruvian. I’ve been called lazy all the time for that. But i understand spanish fine i just have trouble pronouncing and stuff but i don’t really care.

    One ToKe
  2. Just let them know that USA’s official language is English and if they expect multilingual people around they need to seek for touristic services.

    THEY ARE LAZY, otherwise they would learn English in order to be able to communicate in a country speaking English as first language .

    The world is packed with silly people, ignore them! 🙂

  3. the majority of us “mexicans” can speek both spanish and english so who is the real dumb ass.. and to the racist snake eater trace your roots and let me know if your clan was invited to the new world…

    the mexican

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