Have you ever had a Mexican talk to you in half English, half Spanish?

I went to a Mexican restaurant the other day and the guy was asking me all these questions, but I couldn’t exactly understand him. He mixed it all up in English and Spanish, so I couldn’t figure it out. I had to keep asking him, "what?". It was so embarrassing.

Nothing against Mexicans, I was just so confused and didn’t understand why he assumed I knew Spanish.


  1. Yes, and I know exactly what you mean.
    Besides other languages, I know perfect Spanish and English, and I was very frustrated also. Mainly because their Spanish was a "Dialect mixed with their own Slang", and so I couldn’t understand a thing either.
    It took me a while to let them know that I didn’t know their slang, and so they understood…

  2. all the time……….and I end up speaking to them in Spanglish also.

    they know little english and I know little spanish. …….it seems to work though

  3. Nope. But I have had lots of people talk to me in half English, half French. Sometimes I do it too if I’m trying to have a conversation in French.

    *Kat* to the Extreme
  4. That’s called Spanglish, the mix between Spanish and English

    Happens quite frequently. Its not that they think you can speak Spanish, its just them trying to speak English.


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