Help me! Both the spanish- american and mexican war both premeditated wars resulting of deliberate robbieries?

against defensless neighors. Acess the validity. Please provide as much info as possible. Thanks!

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  1. Spanish-American War, brief war that the United States waged against Spain in 1898. Actual hostilities in the war lasted less than four months, from April 25 to August 12, 1898. Most of the fighting occurred in or near the Spanish colonial possessions of Cuba and the Philippines, nearly halfway around the world from each other. In both theaters the decisive military event was the complete destruction of a Spanish naval squadron by a vastly superior U.S. fleet. These victories left the Spanish land forces isolated from their homeland and, after brief resistance, brought about their surrender to U.S. military forces. The defeat marked the end of Spain’s colonial empire and the rise of the United States as a global military power. There was no robbery involved.

    Leading causes of the Mexican War included:

    * Texan Annexation. Mexico had warned it would regard annexation as an act of war. When it took place, Mexico did not declare war, but broke diplomatic relations.

    * The Boundary Dispute. Regardless of its status (was it an American state or a rebellious Mexican province?), the United States maintained that the southern border of Texas was formed by the Rio Grande, but Mexico argued that the traditional boundary was at the Nueces River farther north.

    * The California Question. President Polk clearly wanted to expand the country to the Pacific Ocean by taking control of California and lands in the Southwest – a prime example of the prevailing Manifest Destiny mentality.

    * Monetary Claims against Mexico. The United States had extracted a promise from the Mexican government to pay $3 million to cover the claims of American citizens who had lost property during turmoil and revolution. Mexico defaulted on those payments and the American creditors pressed their government for action. I don’t believe any robbery was involved unless one thinks Texans "stole" their land from Mexico



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