How are Spanish and Mexican two different cultures?

I got a bad grade on a Spanish assignment because senora said i kept swiching between Mexican and Spanish cultures. I dont understand this so help?


  1. Two different countries altogether
    Mexico and Spain
    One is south of the border and the other all the way in Europe

    Mexico has influences from native americans (aztecs) mixed in with Spanish (Spain) because of colonization

    not important
  2. spain is in the iberian pennusula in europe
    while mexico is more spirtual compare to american materiaism
    and mexico is in north/ central america where they speak spanish or native tongue

  3. Spanish – Mexico cultures – you have to understand the politics.

    1. The Spanish invaded the lands and called it New Spain in 16th Century.

    2. Native Indian population was heavily reduced through fighting and diseases that the foreign Spanish brought.
    Colonization destroyed the Indians way of life.

    3. By the early 19th century, the local middle classes had grown tired of sharing their wealth with Spain, and an obsession with independence began to grow. In particular the Creoles (those born in New Spain of Spanish parents) resented being considered inferior by those born in the European homeland.

    4.Changes: Independence was followed by war with US where t Mexico lost Texas, California and New Mexico.

    5.Independance from Spain brought a new identity for Mexicans.


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