How can Clinton’s Mexican vote in Texas be so informed when most don’t speak English or have at least a GED?

Texas Mexicans are expected to break for Hillary Clinton who most people know as someone with little integrity, but how would Mexicans know that?

Over the past few days, I have heard people say that Mexicans are for Clinton because they are smart and informed.

They may be smart, but how can they be informed if most don’t speak English and according to exit polls, more than any other group many voting Mexicans don’t have a High School diploma.

Also, we all know Texas has lots of Mexicans, but how many are US citizens?


  1. Isn’t it sad that some U.S. citizens do not even speak English? That means they are getting information through twisted Spanish channels (telemundo, univison). The media influences the uneducated more than any other population.

  2. oh my goodness, here we go again…. Honestly, is it hard to believe that someone else in the world from a different culture who speaks a different language could be informed?
    ever heard of translation? how about multi-lingualism? how about respect for others on Earth?
    honestly, all this bashing here is disgusting. Ever think it’s you who has the problem,not mexicans? cause that’s my opinion!

  3. Here in Texas, we celebrate our diversity and hope that all eligible Texans will vote on Tuesday no matter what their languages happen to be. The electronic voting machines provide the choice of English or Spanish, and there are many legal residents from Mexico and other Latin American countries in our state, who are diligent, educated, and hard-working people. We are proud of all of our citizens.

    Carol A
  4. Bill got the first round of them back in the 1990’s and they are translating for them on those topics especially those issues about citizenship. Get a copy of Time Life Almanac from the Library and see the Editions dated 2003 -2006 and Go To The Time Line of Historical Events.


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