How can Clinton’s Mexican vote in Texas be so informed when most don’t speak English or have at least a GED?

Texas Mexicans are expected to break for Hillary Clinton who most people know as someone with little integrity, but how would Mexicans know that?

Over the past few days, I have heard people say that Mexicans are for Clinton because they are smart and informed.

They may be smart, but how can they be informed if most don’t speak English and according to exit polls, more than any other group many voting Mexicans don’t have a High School diploma.

Also, we all know Texas has lots of Mexicans, but how many are US citizens?
No Karla,
there are lots and lots of Mexicans in Texas and everyone knows that.


  1. Perhaps its time we institute a "show your green card and pay stubs before you vote in the USA" law?

    I am fed up with politicians fighting to win votes from people that shouldnt even be in the country and Hillary has outdone herself again…what a class act!

    Noone i
  2. Personally I think they’re for Clinton more because they hate black people more than they do white people.

    You can thumbs down me all you want but when it comes down to it, it’s just good old fashioned racism…Or is it?
    Seeing as they’re not white……………And we know only whites can be racist.
  3. umm first of all ya theres alot of mexicans in texas but i’ve herad she has the hispanic vote not the mexican vote. cuz not all hispanics are mexicans..and they are probably talking about the hispanics that are legal here not the illegal ones!and most legal hispnics do know atleast a little english!

  4. Another thing to add to your argument is the messed up way Texas does delegates.

    Each precinct gets a specific percentage of importance based on how much that county has voted previously. So if there are a lot of Mexicans in a town that haven’t voted much before, but decide to do so now… won’t count as much.

    If the Dallas Morning News is correct, the highest area of concentrated importance is in the DFW area. The southern border and southern counties don’t have as much pull so just because they decide to come out in record numbers doesn’t mean they will have a huge impact on the race.

    Another thing to remember is that half the delegates in Texas come thru caucusing. If Mexicans cannot speak english, how are they supposed to go and actively participate in caucuses?

  5. ok i see your point but let me ask you have you ever been to texas?…probably not, cause the majority of people who live in texas are of different race.Now dnt get me wrong in the southern parts of texas have alot of mexicans but that’s only near the border….look at houston ,they have alot asians,african americans,and mexicans…san antonio ,has alot of mexicans,i know cause im actually frm there,and theres alot of people here who do speak english and who H.S. diplomas not just GEDs ..oH yeah and also College Degrees,so before you ask a question like that again know your facts and make sure you get them right before you start putting people or a race on blast….

    james b

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