How can I get better at understanding people who speak spanish?

I’m in my fourth year of spanish in highschool and I can speak and write it pretty well.
My issue is when I’m listening to someone who’s first language is spanish, its really hard for me to keep up.
It just seems like they talk so fast…
How can I get better at understanding what theyre saying?


  1. Watching spanish movies, videos on youtube and so on. It helped me a lot when I was learning english. I know it’s a different language but at first it feels the same way and when I heard people talking it was just so fast that I couldn’t understand a word out of it, so as time went by I watched many videos and movies to get used to it, the slangs and all!

  2. I think you should watch movies, just listen and don’t try to understand, just listen, and your ear will get used to the speed and sound. It’s kind of hard because each country has a different accent and it makes it so different between each other, plus the slang words everywhere.
    But I think listening to movies will help you a lot, over and over.

  3. This is a huge problem that everyone experiences when learning a new language… When I visited my aunt in France, I learned that I had to severely slow my speech when I went out with her friends because english was their 2nd language and they just couldn’t understand me when I spoke at my "Normal Rate".

    You have to just keep at it… If possible, see about taking a trip to a Spanish Speaking Country, but not Mexico or Columbia at the current political situations, and do your best to not speak any language but spanish until you leave.

    There are organizations that allow you to stay with a host family in a spanish speaking country… See if you can save up for that.

    Heck… Go get a job in a Latino Area and see if you can just immerse yourself in the culture/language.

    Having a Bad Day.
  4. Im in the exact same situation as you. I just completed my 3rd semester of Spanish at college and it try and speak in Spanish as much as possible. It helps that so many of the Spanish speakers at my school are so nice and I joined the International Student Association at my school so I get to hang in the lounge at ISO and listen to them speak spanish. I’m improving in 1 on 1 conversations but in a Spanish room I get lost fast.

    Try watching movies WITH Subtitles!, reading books aloud, listening to books on tape (Childrens Read Alongs are excellent for this!) and there are sites that let you do langauge exchange online like talkconmigo and livemocha. Chech them out, and buena suerte!


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