How can I get my boyfriend to speak spanish to me?

Me and my boyfriend made a deal that if I talk proper then he will speak spanish.
The thing is, I have a horrible southern drawl and I can’t use "aren’t" and "isn’t" in a sentence.
How can I win? I NEED HELP?! lol.


  1. Not sure if I can help much. Just from learning different languages, I’ve found that a lot of accent is how you’re used to holding your mouth, in a sense. Mandarin, the tongue is curled quite a bit, for instance.

    For some things like aren’t or isn’t, try being more formal. are not, is not. It would force you to say the words differently.

    Something that you may be interested in is a really old movie called My Fair Lady. Family Guy actually did a parody on it. But it’s about a man who makes a bet that he can make this one young woman able to speak properly, and not… I think he called it "gutter talk," since it was much the way the poor spoke. It’s a fairly long movie, but a good one. And it might give you a few ideas.


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