How can i learn how to speak spanish.?

How can i learn how to speak spanish with in 5 months and that doesn’t cost money, and if it does then under .00 and how do you say .00 in spanish.


  1. You should try to sing spanish songs, I speak Spanish, and I’ve learned English with music, I watch some British and American tv shows, news, and other stuff : )
    Also you can make a foreign friend, from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, whatever 😀 It’s not that hard!

  2. Buy yourself a English/Spanish dictionary and then sorround yourself with spanish speaking friends. Eventually you will catch on to what their saying. However it will most likely take you alot more than 5 months.

  3. If I understand correctly, you are intereste in improving/learning spanish. There are a lot of sites out there that offer some sort of spanish course, some free, some not. One that I have found particularly helpful is Rocket Spanish. It’s a great alternative to Rosetta Stone, and a whole lot cheaper! Check it out, and see what you think.



    Giovanny Henderson

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