How can i learn spanish this year to speak better with my family?

This year my goal is to speak spanish and i need some advice because almost my whole family speaks it!


  1. Because I have recently answered a question similar to this one, I’m going to copy/paste my answer. I’m happy for you that you want to learn Spanish and are willing to make the effort!

    Here you go:

    In my opinion the best way to learn Spanish is to spend time in a Spanish-speaking country. However, if this is not an option for you I would recommend:

    – Listening to music in Spanish. When you find a song you like, look up the lyrics on the internet and translate them to yourself. (In any search engine you can type the name of the song with the word "letra" and the lyrics should pop up.)

    – Reading news, small articles, or short stories in Spanish. When you come across a word you don’t know, write it down and translate it. Read again for further understanding.

    – Making small conversation with Spanish-speakers. If you know anyone who speaks Spanish, try making basic chit-chat with him or her. When you go to a restaurant where Spanish is spoken, order your meal in that language.

    – Watching movies in English but with Spanish subtitles. Read while listening to the dialogue. This works especially well when you have seen the movie previously and can focus more on what you read.

    – Making flashcards. These help with basic vocabulary.

    I used all of these techniques over time and have lived in Peru for two years — I am now fluent in Spanish.

    Good luck to you and never forget…
    The more you practice the faster you will learn.

  2. just watch tv in spanish. that really helps a lot…..well i learned spanish when i was verrry little but if you want to learn all you have to do is listen to your parents or your family members talk. or get a spanish dictionary…’s really not that hard. well..maybe it’s because i already know spanish. but trust me you’ll learn. [:

  3. i would ask them to start speaking Spanish around you as much as possible… one of the best ways to learn another language is to fully submerse yourself in it. also a good computer program is the Rosetta stone software. it is supposedly used by the government but very expensive.

    tommy matherne

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