How can I learn to speak Spanish?

I’m in high school and I am fluent in English and French. I’d like to learn Spanish, and my school offers a course, but there’s no room in my timetable for that. I don’t know anybody who speaks Spanish fluently enough to teach me.


  1. I understand that completely. I was unable to fit Spanish 1 into my schedule my freshmen year of high school so I resorted to learning it on my own. I’m in the 11th grade now and I was able to gain credit for Spanish 1 and 2 by learning Spanish on my own and then compromising with the teacher so that I can take the Spanish 1 & 2 exams and if I passed them she agreed to give me credit for the classes. I’m now in Spanish 3/4 Honors/AP.

    RosettaStone is a great program but its fairly expensive and I wasn’t willing to spend that much money. To be honest I already knew a bit of Spanish before high school but nothing structured.

    I thought of it like this, how did I learn English? So I bought (or checked out from the library) books that taught elementary school students how to speak Spanish. Once I had those down I bought reading books in Spanish. At first it was "kid-books" that had simple sentences. Then I advanced to chapter books. It might sound silly but childrens’ books are the best way to begin learning. You learned English this way, so use the same technique in learning English for Spanish.

    I also watched Spanish channels on television. It was mainly Soap Operas but they helped a lot.
    I spoke with the Hispanics at my school. To be honest Latin American Spanish and "Mexican" Spanish is a bit different.That’s something I learned from talking to a Colombian, Uruguayan and an Ecuadorian then talking to a Mexican. I listened to a lot of Reggaeton (a type of music) and basically engulfed myself in the culture as much as possible.

    Honestly in school you are basically memorizing phrases to get a good grade. They teach you how to give directions and basically just random things. If you truly want to learn a language you need more than simple phrases.

    Good luck!

    Books I used:

    1. The Complete Book of Spanish (Grades 1-3 Edition) (Grades 1-3, Spanish-language Edition) by Staff of McGraw-Hill Children’s Publishing

    2. Kids Stuff Spanish (Bilingual Kids Series): Easy Spanish Phrases to Teach Your Kids (and Yourself) by Pirz

    3. The Complete Book of Starter Spanish by School Specialty Publishing (Manufactured by)

    Sites that I used in the beginning:

    Cora C
  2. Hi!

    Well, Study a lot and practice with native speakers. sometimes you will have to do it by yourself and this is the way you’ll get it.

    If you like this language everything’s going to be easy…

    Listen to music in spanish…

    visit this website it’s very usufull…

    If you want to practice with me by MSN contact me… I’d like to help you…

    Spanish is my first language, I’m mexican

    Bye and Good Luck

  3. I had no luck with rosetta stone nor did any one i know if u had the high school books & someone to explain it & good at understandin that would be perfect.. watching tv or music dont teach u but when u learn something & u hear it again u understand more..

    Megan G
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  5. U can start by listening 2 spanish music n’ watching spanish movies but it’s kinda hard language 2 learn that way I basically recommend u 2 begin practicin’ with native speakers in yr particular case sinc u can’t get a teacher right now n’ it’s a rather difficult language 2 learn this


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