How can I make learning how to speak spanish easier for me?

I’m in Spanish I Honors due to being on high honor roll last year, so I’m kinda falling behind a little bit. How can I make it easier to learn this new language for me?
I don’t understand anything


  1. watch spanish tv without subtitles, it will help you tremendously! you can watch tv on this site:

    ans listen to radio/down load radio podcasts on this site:

    and don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand much at first or have a hard time making out words, that will soon start to improve. just keep doing it and you’ll really see the results after a few weeks 🙂 this is what I’ve done and it’ve worked great! Good Luck! 🙂

    EDIT: if you don’t understand anything it might be a good idea to take your text book home and practice the texts written in it (even the one you haven’t gone through in class yet). that way you’ll be ahead of your class and you’ll get a larger vocabulary. try translate the texts into enlgish and then back to spanish, then compare it with the original text. Good Luck again!

  2. If you know anyone who speaks Spanish, ask them to talk to you in Spanish. Make flashcards for your vocab words and study them for a few minutes each day. Listen to Spanish TV, even if you can’t understand what they’re saying it’ll help you get the hang of the accent.

  3. best way is immersion. barring that, just use it. team up with a classmate, have conversations. language exchange: find a native spanish speaker and you can help with their english. meet up for burgers or tacos once a week, and talk. walk around your house and name everything. think about the electric bill… in spanish. read a mag, translate it into spanish. put the language into your life. own it. you will rock through the class.

  4. Be more specific? Are you bad with vocabulary or grammar or both?

    Vocabulary – make cards and study. The best way to study cards is to do them periodically. Don’t just study for an hour. Study the words for like 30 minutes and a couple hours later do it again. Keep repeating and focusing on words you don’t know and randomly throwing words you do know back in. Study before you sleep because your brain is less likely to throw out the information. In no time at all you should be seeing improvements. Do english to spanish AND spanish to english regardless of the format of your teacher’s tests.

    Grammar – although English and Spanish grammar isn’t nearly the same, there are very man similarities. I can’t tell you how to improve your grammar in spanish since i don’t know what you are having trouble with. What helps me is to always find something in English similar to what’s happening in spanish. When I was a child I didn’t understand conjugations. Then I had a breakthrough when I examined the verb "to be" It’s the most conjugated English verb. I realized that it doesn’t make sense to say "I are" but "you are" makes perfect sense..I just transferred that to every spanish verb and it never left. You can leave an updated question on what you dont’ understand and I can help you more.

    Bob E

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