How can I say in Argentinian, Colombian, and Mexican SPANISH the Following Words?

Please, translate these sentences into Spanish.
Please, don’t use electronic translators such as Google translator, etc.

1) car, bus, cupboard, wardrobe, bedroom, livingroom, stove, refrigerator (Argentina)
2) car, bus, cupboard, wardrobe, bedroom, livingroom, stove, refrigerator (Colombia)
3) car, bus, cupboard, wardrobe, bedroom, livingroom, stove, refrigerator (Mexico)

If you know in other countries, tell me, please!
Tell me if you are a Spanish native speaker and what country you are from, please!
Very nice answers, people.
You are doing great and I will do it more!

It will be difficult for us to choose the best answer!


  1. Puerto Rico
    car= automobil, auto, carro, vehiculo
    bus= autobus, guagua
    cupboard=alacena (if built into the wall like kitchen cabinets)
    wardrobe=ropero, armario, chifforobe
    bedroom=habitacion, cuarto de dormir
    livingroom=sala, sala de descanso
    refrigerator=nevera, refrigeradora


    car = carro
    bus = autobus, camion
    wardrobe = ropero, armario
    bedroom = recamara, cuarto
    livingroom = sala
    stove = estufa
    refrigerator = refrigerador

  3. I am colombian and I’m living in Argentina but i have no idea of how do mexican say those words…however:
    1. Arg: auto, colectivo, alacena, placard, habitación, sala, cocina, heladera.
    2. Col: carro, bus, alacena, armario/closet , cuarto/habitación, estufa, nevera.

    Lo Lichtenstein
  4. in argentina:
    cupboard:alacena(but in my house we call it ”mueblecito de la cocina”xD)
    bedroom:pieza o cuarto

    I’m a native spanish speaker and I’m from Argentina ^^

    Sae Wang
  5. car: carro,
    bus: autobus or camioneta
    wardrobe: escaparate,
    livingroom: cuarto ( cuando decimos cuarto se sabe que es tu cuarto personal donde duermes), sala, stove: fogata or horno
    refrigerator: nevera

    from venezuela

    omar josé

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