How can I speak Spanish more fluently?

I adore the Spanish culture and their language. Currently I am in Spanish 1, learning more than ever. My friends say that I can speak it well, but I want to speak it so well, just to hold a conversation and adapt the Spanish tongue. What do you recommend I do to learn Spanish faster (at a moderate pace) to be able to speak it fluently?


  1. If you are in spain or ant spanish spesking country talk with the people in spanish, never let them to peak you in your native lenguaje.

    It works for almost any languaje.

  2. Yes practice,practice ,practice and a lot more practice.I have been doing it for many decades and I am not yet fluent enough.

    I like friends everywhere,esp.+D
  3. All above have said
    I can add:
    Read aloud (in front of Spanish speakers friends)
    listen speakers, and ASK if you do not know a new word…


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