How can I tell my friend who is full blooded mexican not be "faking japanese" how do I handle this annoyance?

My family’s mom last name is Miyagi and my moms fullblooded and she even thinks my friends kinda weird…What should I do to teach her a lesson ,look I already tried to speak to her in japanese and she ignored it and everyone still thinks shes japanese. please help me I want my old mexican friend back…


  1. Miyagi! Is she Okinawan? My mom is Arasaki, that name is from Okinawa, and Miyagi is also in Okinawa, but it’s in Japan, too. Sorry, I was just curious. Nisemono means fake (偽物), or you can say nisenihonjin (偽日本人), which literally translates into fake Japanese person.
    My Mexican husband just told me imposter is impostor and imitator is imitadora in Spanish.
    Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire…

  2. Okay; first of all I think this answer might get reported but here goes:

    I had a good friend who thought one day to walk up to me and say "ching chong".

    I paused and said "ugga bugga ungawa".

    She never did that again.

    Maybe you should tell everyone your friend’s Japanese family name is Wanabee, not Watanabe.

  3. start faking mexican. when it starts pissing them off. you can compare it to them pissing you off. plus it’s disrespectful for a dumbass wetback to try to be Japanese. when they have a hard time being mexican. you might be better off finding a friend that respects you and your culture. Explain this to her

    dave m

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