How can I trill my Rs, so I can learn to speak Spanish?

I took Spanish in college, but hit a roadblock on this, so my "but" and "dog" sounded exactly alike. Is there a trick to doing this?


  1. I’m sure you’ve heard the famous Spanish "Arriba!" Try saying this over and over, holding the trill as long as possible: "Arrrrrrrrrriba!"
    Also try to simply touch your tongue to the top of your mouth, and sigh while still keeping your tongue up (not letting your breath force it downward.) The trick to trilling your Rs well is relaxing the muscles in your mouth. The movement is very similar to any other kind of vibration…think of a string on a double bass. When you pluck it, it vibrates rather slowly. Although "R trilling" might seem like a fast movement, it’s actually easier if you slow it down. Take your time with it, and remember: Arrrrriba!

    Chelsea B
  2. listen to a native speaker saying words with the double R and just practice, practice, practice. It won´t come to you overnight, but with time, you´ll get better.

  3. yes practice practice practice. i do recommend just listening to native speakers, especially spaniards. spaniards have an R that is much easier to pick up on than other Rs, such as the mexican R which i would not call exactly "trilled", but more like you slide it, and different Rs from different countries can be different. But in Spain, I learned a very strong RRRRRRRRRRR, that is so all encompassing that you pick up real quickly. also with a castillian spanish accent, the r is so storng, its impossible to pronounce an S and an R irght next to each other without stopping! Lo’ Reales Alcazares, Lo’ Reyes Católicos

    I just went around practicing the sound while i rode my bike. i came out with an excessively rolled R, which is ok,but later on you can adjust it to a mexican R if you like.

    la mas deseada

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