How can speak and read English who speaks (only) Spanish?

He speaks Spanish but has never learned to read or write in Spanish. He is now trying to learn to speak, read and write English. All the guides we have found are written in Spanish (which he can not read). Any suggestions on available resources to teach him to read, write and speak English?


  1. Not that I can think but one way he can learn is to speak the language first. Since he does not know how to read or write in Spanish it’s going to be quite difficult for him to read and write English.

    My answers are suck
  2. Maybe because he doesnt know how to read spanish anyway, then it will be easier for him to learn the alphabet and such in english since he won’t be confused. Almost like a child that is first learning to read and write. I always thought maybe anything that a young kid would learn in an english class would work for a spanish adult. Good Luck!!

    Ana C

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