How can you tell the difference between spanish and mexican people?

i honeslty can’t seem to tell the difference. They all seem to look the same, eat the same food and talk the same language. There’s apparently alot of both ethnicities in the town were im going to move to so would like to know the difference between the two groups because i remember a cuban guy who got really offended when i thought he was spanish.
people who keep saying they don’t look the same etc etc look at diego sanchez- he’s meaxican and he ain’t brown at all


  1. Whats wrong with you people my parents are from Spain and NO THERE NOT ALL WHITE WITH COLORED EYES. And the difference between Mexicans and Spaniards is the langauge. They prounance words diffrent. Like my parents have Blonde/Grey eyes and Black/Brown eyes. But I have Black Reddish hair and Hazel eyes. But I have european
    Ancestors and Mexicans have Aztec Ancestors.

    Alexander Q
  2. Spaniards have a different accent than other Spanish speaking countries. Every Spanish speaking country has its own accent and slang. You are telling me Australian English and American English sounds exactly the same?? You wouldn’t be offended if a person confused you for an English person simply because you speak English and look similar??

    Also the difference between Spaniards and Mexicans and Cubans is that sometimes they have different races in their country. Like Cubans have a lot of Black as well as Spanish. Mexicans have a lot of Native Americans as well as Spanish. Sometimes Cubans and Mexicans have people that just look Spanish and aren’t mixed with anything else (so i could see how you are confused), but there are many that are mixed. Spanish people aren’t mixed with Black or Native American.

    And they don’t eat the same food! Tacos, tamales, and enchiladas are from Mexico not from Spain or Cuba.

    Just don’t call someone that looks Spanish Spanish. Or should we call everyone that speaks English English?? Go with the broader term Hispanic. Because Mexican, Cuban, Spanish, Puerto Rican, etc. is more of an ethnicity than a race. Hope that clears things up.

  3. Spanish are from Spain.
    Mexican from mexico.
    Mexicans have kind of indian face, black straight hair and black big eyes.
    Spanish are white, light colors eyes.

  4. Well a Cuban is a Spanish person, as well as the Mexicans, i think you are asking the wrong question…
    Some people get offended when you call them Mexican when they are from another country LOL! (nobody wants to be a Mexican!)… anyways! I’m from Argentina and i am white (off course my mom is from Germany) but still a lot of people there are white, even SOME mexicans are white (those whose fathers got lost in the Mexican jungle…LOL).
    But the difference is that mexicans have that "Aztec Look" it’s kinda hard to explain but, you know when you see someone and you go: "That’s a Mexican!" well guss what? It’s a Mexican!!!.
    Anyways, Thet are two kind of Spanish people, the Mexicans and then…. the rest of them, no offense.

    Lucas A
  5. It’s hard to answer. I’m spanish , yet I have black hair and dark skin, theirs some spanish that have red hair and light skined, but not all. same with every race theres light , dark, tall short. The best way to know if their spanish of mexican is to just ASK !!!!

  6. First of all, why would you need to know the difference are you going around asking everyone if they are one nationality or another. And to Wiggins and Lucas, F$%& You!!! I am no bus boy, I am a regional Manager of a major oil distribution company (Yeah bitches I am getting paid while you have to spend more on gas). And If I was born again, I would chose to be Mexican all over again.

  7. Mexicans are Indians. The white ones are Mexican by birth not by decent. Those usualy came from white Europeans. Like Spainiards. Cubans and Spainiards are very similar. In my csae both my parents were born in Cuba from Spainiard parents. I was born in the U.S all my grandparents are Spainiards. I am very white with dark hair and dark eyes. Most cubans of the old generation come from spainiards. There also some what tanner Cubans and Spainiards, but most are white. The blacks on the island of Cuba which is what mostly dominats the island now. Were brought by the Spainiards when they arrived in Cuba from El Cong Africa. The Spainiards scattered world wide when the error of Franco was invaiding Spain. 80% of the Spainiards went to Cuba. White spainish people dont like to be compared to the indian spainish like Mexians, Columbians, Nicas, Chillenos.

  8. Actually, for the person who said Mexicans ancestors are Aztecs, thats not entirely true. Most Aztecs were wiped out and killed by Cortes when he conquered Mexico, with only a few survivors. Many Mexicans ancestors are Spanish, since colonies were built by the Spanish in Mexico, which is where many Spanish people moved out to.

  9. Mexicans speak Spanish and have Spanish last names, so people just assume their the same. not true, blacks in America speak English and almost all have Irish last names, that doesn’t make them white. some think because Mexicans are descended from Incas, myanza, Aztecs. what we call Indians some mistake as people from India, so some think their brown. but race wise, true Mexicans are red. Spanish people are white. just look at the skinn color ecknor the language, religion, and country that someone lives. their are 5 races and race only involve skin tone.

  10. Dude not all mexicans are black and **** like that. I’m mexican and I have light sking black hair and brown eyes. Get your **** straight. And no spanish people don’t look better. I’ve seen ugly *** spanish people (no offense).

  11. no one can tell the diffrence between mexicans and spainards or any other hispanics by just looking at them you have to hear their accent when they speak spanish or ask them what they are . Mexicans can look like any race they can have any eye color becouse most mexicans come from spainards ancestors , they can be any skin color and they can have any hair color (look at Paulina Rubio).And in mexico there are indians that dont speak spanish, but there are mostly meztizos, those who are mixed ,spainish with indian.

  12. Mexican, Spanish, Cuban, Puerto Rican or Mixed with Native American. They’re all the best looking…
    Jessica Alba- Mexican
    Eva Mendez- Cuban
    Selma Hayak- Spanish
    Paz Vega- Spanish
    Eva Longoria- Mexican

  13. You Really Can’t tell the difference between a mestizo mexican and a spaniard. I am mexican and I have green eyes and pasty skin color. People think I am russian or german for some reason. But no, I am mexican. I have had to explain to people why I look the way i do all my life. It gets exhausting after a while. Seriously just wiki mexico’s history.

  14. You can’t tell the difference 100% of the time. Millions of Mexicans have SPANIARDS as ancestors. Most of the comments on this page are FULL of shit and misinformation. As for the Argentine, there are many Argentine people with Indian ancestry just as Chileans, Mexicans, etc. 56% of Argentne’s have an Amerindian ancestor. Those that say their “German” are just that German, how do they expect to compare to other Hispanics and pretend to be Argentine?

    Many Spaniards are dark, and some infact darker than the many lighter Mexicans. Mexicans can be whiter than many Argentines, etc. There isn’t just one group that makes up an entire country!!!

    Argentines usually dump on Mexico because Argentina has a sucky economy, culture, etc. Mexico & Brazil are #1 & #2. Argentina sucks.

  15. WOW…. I AM SO OFFENDED BY SOME OF YOU….. We live in the United States I suppose… You all need to do some reserch or go out more because you guys are pathetic… Its like saying White people are dirty and live in traler parks and marry between brothers and sisters wow… not right!!!! I am proud to be Mexican I am 5’7″ have light brown hair and have green/blue eyes as most of my family do.. My husband is from Cuba and he is also light with colores eyes… I hate it when people say “you dont look mexican” what does a mexican look like??? I am mexican born and raised thank god please do your reaserch out in the real worl and please pay no attention to these amasingly offensive people who clearly have no idea what a true human being should look like!!! just WOW

    Jessica Mater
  16. Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecs, Incas, and other Native Americans from North to South America were call Indians by mistake. These primitives habitants immigrated from Malaysia more than 8,000 years to Mexico, same as Austronesia, Polynesians, and Indonesia (Oceania) those indigenous from Asia spread around the world on boats. Indonesians,/Malaysians (Siberians) were capture by Russians as slaves, some immigrated to Alaska from Siberian through the Behring bridge, as some Hawaiians are consider Polynesians. These people you call Indians are Asians descendents or cousins of the Philippines, Guam (pacific Islanders and other Asians). However, Mexicans are not a race, Mexico is a very diverse country; Same as America, but Mexicans and Latinos are the result of mixture. they are mixed with other Europeans immigrants not only Spaniards. During the American’s revolution, Many native Americans and African Americans escape from slavery to Mexico. They intermarried with other Europeans that made 60% mix 30% indigenous, 0.5% African descendents, and 12-18% white. Most of us are descendents of Asians (Indians) and Europeans. Those who are descendents from Spaniard are mixed, so some might look Spaniard.

  17. As an africa american ~ I ca tell the difference between my mexican and native american brothers and sisters by their attitude towards me here in the southwest. The native americans I have encountered and interact with are quite friendly and respectful to me. We seem to have aot in common actually. However most of the mexicans that I have encountered have been rude with attitudes as if I owe them something. This is not applied to all ~ just most of the ones I hve encountered in my seven months here in the southwest. As far as physical traits ~ many resemble each other yet have many different looks. To me ~ this is the beauty of being a person of color period. And my tyos are not because I am mixed with black~white ~and native~ but because my blckbrry is not functioning properly loL ~ therefore refrain from making nigger comments. I see that a few of you made busboy and taco comments so thought I would save you the trouble of being ignorant. Again ~ my personal opinion is that most ntives on this continent resemble ntive americans but for me ~ the difference hs been in the persnality. Thanks and blessings to you all.

  18. my ancestors came from spain to mexico to u.s. i look white with brownish red hair and hazel eyes. i have mayan blood in me but u would never know that by looking at me. im a fifth generation american. this racial crap is stupid. call me a beaner and ill laugh at u. my ancestors conquered and enslaved indians. i’m a by product of the spanish empire. i could be either spanish or mexican because there’s white skinned hispanics there too.

  19. well I’m Mexican, I’m light skinned and don’t look indian at all,, and my grand father from my dads side of the family is a Spaniard, but my dad is tall and doesn’t have dark skin
    and my mom is also Mexican but has french descent and she is light skinned with hazel eyes, NOT ALL MEXICANS ARE SHORT DARK WITH BROWN EYES THAT’S JUST A STEREOTYPE,like if you go to Guadalajara or Monterrey you’ll see many light skinned Mexican’s with colored eyes,, point is that not every Mexican is a short dark indian person.

  20. Mexicans are mixed, even the ones that you think are pure Indio are not. My brother works in genetic modification and does a lot of work in Mexico. He sees really Indian looking Mexicans that turn out to have a significant amount of Spanish blood (Western European) RB1 in particular. This is from the Iberian peninsula.

  21. Oh, and I am Mexican. I have family in Mexico still. If you look at me, I look Iberian – typical Spanish/Portuguese looking. But I am Mexican – lots of Indio and Spanish blood in my veins.

    There are no written records of my Spanish ancestors since they go back 400 years, but there is no doubt I have lots of Spanish blood when you look at me.

  22. Look I’m from Granada,Spain and I don’t know about the rest of you if you’ve been to Spain or not but in Spain there is alot of diversity know a days. Here, in Granada the people are mostly white. But MANY DON’T KNOW, THAT SPAIN WAS RULED BY ARABS FOR 800 YEARS. Throughout Spain I’ve seen Arab/mestizo looking people who I thouht were mexican or columbian etc. Turns out they were also Spainards. There ancestors were arabs mixed with Spanards. As for my self im a fair skined, light brown eyed dark brown haired spaniard.

    Gerard Castellanos
  23. Besides the other differences mentioned, I think it’s also noticeable that they do not “eat the same foods” at all. Mexican foods are not Spanish foods. How can people even think so? The major similarity besides language is religion. Music and dance and stuff like that is also very different, at least compared with modern Spain.
    There are some Mexican and Central American immigrants in span, and they stand out from the locals both in culture, behaviour and looks (Yes, some Mexicans looks Spanish, but many do not).

  24. it’s seems like all of u guys r just ignorant. it seems to me that a lot of u guys did not go to school beyond high school with all of these stupid answers. I’m Mexican and my ancestors were Spaniards and moors that ruled Spain for over 700 yrs and i also have indigenous descent. I’m Mexican and I’m light skinned and i have hazel eyes.

  25. Spaniard people are considered white and mexicans are considered brown. I’m half and half. My father is Spaniard and French decendent and my mother is mexican and indian and on my father death certificate his race is white. If a person looks dark than they are considered mexican but spanish people from spain are white because they are europeans not latinos. Many mexicans just want to be considered spaniard when they really aren’t and just are wannabe spaniards. I love being mexican also especially when my mom cooks mexican foods and I love the mexican dresses that they wear especially for cino de mayo.

  26. the differnce between mexicans and spaniards and argentinians is that people from spain and argentina start to look older in a very young age,wrinkles specially around there eyes could be the very thin skin is like somebody puted acid to there skin and grey hair by there mid 20’S or early 30’S,see being dark skin it has its benefits the melanine that a dark skin produce does not help to have grey hair in an early age,and the real latinos are the spaniards,italians portugueses romanians and french, remember the official language of the Roman empire was LATIN so they are latineuropeans (ya ven espanoles,ustedes son latinoeuropeos)and these countries were part of the Roman empire and until today at the Vatican,Latin is the official language because of the Roman influence,so latin is an european language so we mexicans are not LATINOS

  27. Most of the Mexicans in Texas think they are Spaniards and if you mention Indian, they will get very offended. Their parents teach them that. Although some Mexicans have a lot of Spanish blood, most are Indians. Most of them here copy the racism and try to act superior to even educated black people. I am African and Native American with some French, so I get unwanted attention sometimes, so I know. The Norse invaded Spain which accounts for some blonde hair and blue eyes. Germans also settled in Mexico with the Spanish. German features are specific and can cause reddish brown hair and green eyes. Very few white women came to Mexico with the Spaniards so most all Mexicans were birthed from Indian girls and women. They killed most of the Indian men of most tribes.

  28. Im chicano my moms parents r strait up mexican but my mom has white conflected skin my dad is also strait up mexican, but i have like a light brownish skin people confuse me and think im white, cuban or spanish n. When i tell em im mexican they begin to say ” u dont look mexican” not all mexicans look alike also u can tell where thier from is from thier spanish accents or simply ask them i dont speak that good spanish and confuse me of a different nationality then i have to give my entire family history too prove im mexican no matter how ignorant people r im mexican n i love my mexican culture if i was able to choose which nationality i would chose to be mexican without a doubt

  29. my parents, grandparents, etc are Galicia, Spain and from Castilla y Leon,Spain. there is a major difference between being from Spain and from Mexico or any other south American country. first of all we look different, the bone structure is completely different, and not all have dark skin and not all Spanish people are pale. you will usually find people with darker skin in the south of Spain because Spain is VERY close to africa. but like I was saying, you can tell the difference, like I’m white, have light brown eyes and dark brown hair, my dad has light skin, hazel/green eyes and jet black hair. most of my family has blonde hair with blue or green eyes. Spanish people also speak castellano. that is the actual Spanish. Latin American countries don’t necessarily speak broken Spanish but its just like how the english spoken in england is different then American-English. Spain also has many different dialects like I speak Gallego (Spanish/Portuguese) and castellano. So when you hear someone speak Spanish or see that they’re last name is Spanish don’t assume they’re from Latin america because I get very insulted when people think I’m Mexican or puerto rican just because my last name is Gómez. btw if after this you still think spaniards are the same as mexicans then you’re just extremely ignorant and uncultured. OH and we don’t eat the same food you dumbasses .

    Michele Gómez
  30. Yeah, it’s freakin’ annoying. I’ve got a deep-dark tan,
    and tend to look Indian, love speaking English, only speak
    But whenever I go into places (like Markets, etc), it’s loaded with White-Mexicans that are just yakking in Mexican Spanish
    What’s up with all the “look-Anglo” trend if they act like foreigners.

    My Filipino friend is dark-brown and even he speaks English.
    All you haters will probably reply, yeah just watch the
    “let’s give California back to Mexico” crowd reply.

    A lot of Anglos are brain-washed into thinking that I don’t speak English because they only hear Spanish all the time.
    Life sucks.

  31. Like most people ignorance is bliss. Where my parents come from they think Americans are all over weight cowboys who like to shoot each other. But anyway you are wrong in the sense that for one people of south America speak a different accent if not a different form of Spanish. Such as Castilian, Galician, ect. The food varies by country tameles and tortillas are a Mexican and central American cuisine. In south america things like tortillas do no exist. Also in south america it is common to see many people who are of Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian descent. Many who did not mix with the native people such as the Quechua and guarani ect. There for may parts in south America the people are white and tall. Now in Mexico generally they look more Indian but do not be fooled there are many light skinned Mexicans. Who are of European descent as well. And recently like my family there have been a mass of Asian immigrants to Latin America. And let’s not forget the black slaves that were left there when they got their freedom. So to say the people there look alike is a very ignorant comment. But it happens. The big difference between the people are the accents, dialects, cuisine, ancestry, and as well as what country they are from. People from Mexico look different from Hondurans, and Argentines. While people from countries like Bolivia and Peru are similar. Oh and one more side note people from the Spanish carribean countries are more likely to either be white. Or mixed with black and natives. I hope this wasnt too much to read and I hope you understand

  32. Spaniards are good Hispanic. Mexicans are bad Hispanic. Spain has a long history of intelligence and has contributed to mankind. Mexico has a history of dumb, fat, and lazy that gets passed down.

    Spanish couples have a normal amount of children. Mexicans have 3.4 children per couple. Spanish children are disciplined, well-behaved, and smart. Mexican children are wild, dumb, and fat.

    Spanish people contribute to society. Mexicans erode society.

    Spend a month in Mexico and then spend a month in Spain and you’ll see for yourself. Spanish = good and law abiding. Mexican = bad and lawless.

    The other thing that makes Spanish better than Mexicans is that they are more cultured and accepting of other races. Mexicans only like other Mexicans. They hate white people. They hate black people. They really hate Asians. Spanish people are more accepting of other races.

  33. a typical Spaniard is White”Caucasian”.Your typical Mexican is Mestizo or pure indian from Mexico.Thats why they look More indegenous.Some regions in Mexico have a larger White population than others.Thats why you see more White Mexicans on Soaps.Also because they choose the most whitest looking to play roles.Other Countries like Argentina,Cuba,exc have a smaller indian population so youll find people to look more caucasion their.Im Cuban of Black and white mix,My mother past way and my Dad remarried a White Cuban and from her side she looks like any other white American.When you go somewhere like Florida The Hispanics look more white than California.

    Jimmy Desaint
  34. Not all spanish are white and not all Mexican are dark. Both of my parents are from Mexico and I am Very light pale skin with hazel/greenish eyes and brown hair (use to be blonde when I was little) Ppl cant believe im Mexican. My dad is light skin with green eyes and my mom is not dark nor light shes just inbetween with brown eyes. Mexicans come in every color as well as spanish ppl and everyone else.

  35. Wow, what was I doing in history class anyway?? I don’t know shit about who is who in any culture. Currently living in the Keys coming from North Indiana. I feel pretty lost here and seems like some people are just not friendly 🙁

  36. Mexicans are not all dark however said that is very Ignorant and Uneducated Also there is not better looking Ethnicity I am personally attracted To Latinos generally Mexicans I know and met some Mexican people with a lot of European blood *Spanish* from the Dark hair and Dark eyes pale skin Some look Italian And Greek I am Greek! Very good looking

    Obviously to say all Mexicans and Latinos and dark is truly Foolish and Stuck up Learn History and the Difference is Mexicans have European and Native Indian bloods The Spanish came and ruled Mexico for quite some time This is why The official language is Spanish The Spanish wanted to spread Their Religion they could not understand the Indians and the rituals they did They thought it was inhuman They destroyed The Indian city which was Beautiful very advanced………… They were amazed by the City the were Gold hungry Also there is some German and French and I believe Italians Immigrants in Mexico Mexicans ARE EUROPEAN but with Native Indian ancestors That is the difference Spanish People are European and nothing else

    And the cuisine is not at all the same
    Tamales Burritos Tacos Enchiladas Moles Sopes Quesadilla ALL MEXICAN FOODS
    Spanish food is Paella Totally different

    Even Chocolate is from Mexico! Chocolate is Mexican! Before it was eaten as a confection it was a drink made From bitter Chocolate and Chiles Cinnamon and Vanilla

    The Europeans also took that

    The word ‘Chocolate” is from Spanish “CHOKOLATEH” FROM a Indian word which I cannot spell : )

  37. Spaniards are white Europeans and are from Spain. Mexicans are from Mexico and are more racially diverse. Some are of Spanish/other European descent, some are Amerindian, and most are mestizos (Spanish/Amerindian mixes) to varying degrees. Also, mestizos tend to have more Amerindian ancestry and therefore look more Amerindian than Spanish, however you can find a lot of lighter-skinned and more European-looking mestizos too, especially in northern Mexico where many have a lot of Spanish blood. Still, Amerindian ancestry is pretty dominant in most of Mexico and this is reflected in how most Mexicans look. I believe I recall reading a genetic study on Mexicans which indicated that the average Mexican person is roughly 65% Amerindian in ancestry, with most of the remainder being European (esp. Spanish) and with 1-2% African as well (Spaniards brought some African slaves to Mexico but not as many as to the Caribbean).

    As for more detail on Spaniards, they can range from blond and blue-eyed to more traditionally Mediterranean in coloring (dark hair/eyes). Most Spaniards are very light-skinned (even in southern Spain), though of course you can find some with a more olive complexion all over the place (which probably means heavier Arab/Moorish admixture). Spaniards also tend to be rather hairy and have somewhat sharp facial features too, which is typical for Southern Europeans/Mediterranean people. Basically Spaniards tend to look a lot like Italians, only on average a bit taller and thinner in my experience.

  38. Im hispanic that actaully means im a spaniard that was born in america im not white i lightligm a light brown almost white but i have light brown eyes and dark brown hair

    dont care
  39. The clear, unbiased answer lies somewhere between all these comments.
    Mexico was discovered by the spaniards and that’s why Spanish is the official language.
    The similarities stop right there.
    The people that inhabited Mexico were short with brown skin and a bone structure different from that of the European Spanish conquerors. With time some mixed that’s why some Mexicans look lighter than others.
    In places like Argentina and Cuba you find more people with Caucasian head and body structure because those countries kept receiving Spanish immigrants in lager numbers and through the centuries. They also had a lot less native populations than Mexico. Cuba Argentina Uruguay to name a few had more open laws regarding European immigrants. Their immigration laws were more accepting. While Mexico had stricter laws. And therefore less Europeans immigrated to Mexico that to those other countries. And that’s why Mexico’s population is more predominant Native American.

  40. Basically, most of these comments are made by erroneous. Spanish People (people from Spain) are Caucasian. Caucasian compromises all of the people of Europe (both north and south), North Africa (think Morocco, Algiers etc.) and the Middle East. The error lies in that most people equate Caucasian with light hair and light eyes. The further north of the equator one goes, the lighter people’s skin becomes, that’s because all light skinned people have migrated from an albino gene. However, I am digressing here. I am a Spaniard from the Iberia Peninsula (southern Spain), I am medium olive complicated, black hair and black eyes. I am Caucasian aka white. White is a stupid term to use, but people do it and therefore confuse the hell out of everyone. So here is the deal- Spanish people from Spain are Caucasian. People who live in Mexico can be native, Caucasian or a mixture of both. The term Hispanic has to do with CULTURE not RACE!

    lisa witzel

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