1. That has got to be one of the most racist questions I’ve ever read on Yahoo! Answers.

    But, I’ll bite.

    Assuming you mean within the United States, it’s not a matter of ability, or lack of genetic propensity, but of necessity. English is the lingua franca of the United States, indeed, most of the Western World. It is the language of business and technology.

    But, more importantly, it is the language of our culture. And therein lies the rub.

    If one goes to Europe; France, let’s say, do you expect the French to alter their customs and culture to accommodate you? Nope. You learn to speak the language, or you don’t get very far.

    And the same thing should apply here. If one LEGALLY comes to the US who is not a Citizen and has no intention of staying for any extended length of time, then that person is a guest.

    Act like one.

  2. Because when they move here they have to speak English, as it is the national language. Although whenever someone harasses a Chicano who can’t speak English because they can’t, I just want to slap them.

  3. Because I think there it is probably genetics. It is so easy for Hispanics to learn very fast, but in the Caucasian gene there most be something aberrant that is not allowing it to process so fast like other minorities. That should be studied

    Did you miss me?, Pure and MD
  4. Most of the Hispanics who are legal and illegally here as IMMIGRANTS, and arrived here in the past ten years, do not know English well, if at all. They don’t have to because so many of the services offered them are in Spanish anyway.

    If they have kids in the school system; those kids are generally bi-lingual with a strong preference for Spanish. Most of the time I have to contact parents about their school work, I have to have the child present to translate because my Spanish is only as good as their English.

    As for Anglos many of them do speak Spanish but their language study chosen may have been French or Japanese, so I do not know where you get your source from.

    BTW, many Asians and African Americans speak Spanish as well as other languages too.

    stoned pumpkin
  5. It is really all about need and necessity, Hispanics have more of a need to speak English because it is the language that is predominantly spoken in the US and if they want to get on here then it is necessary that they learn to speak it!

    Anglos for the most part speak only English because they don’t have the need to speak Spanish unless they wanted to live in Mexico or any of the other south American countries that speak it, or if they wanted to live in Spain or just simply wanted to speak another language.

    It is not that they can’t speak it or can’t learn it, they just don’t have any real incentive to do so, that may sound ignorant but you have to admit it really comes down to these basic facts!

    I would love to learn how to speak Spanish because I think it sounds nice, and I think that they use words in a more precise way, but do I need it? no! will I learn it? hopefully!

  6. well if minorities learn so fast why do they make lower wages than the avg person because lack of education and most of the people without a high school diploma or GED are minorities? oh and not counting that alot of them have criminal record. shows how little intelligence people like DID YOU MISS ME have she must be one of the minorities that im talking about


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