How come I sound more mexican when I speak a different language?

I speak both english and spanish (native language) fluently and with their correct accents and everything…but whenever I try to speak a different language (like french) I have more of a mexican accent and not english accent. Why is that?


  1. How do you know you have more of a "spanish" accent while speaking the foreign language?

    chances are your expressing the spanish accent in the french because they have similiar word structures, being that they are both romance languages descending from the languages spoken in Rome 1500 years ago.

    Whatever one’s native language happens to be, determines how that person is accustomed to using thier mouth to pronounce words, etc….this is why we always hear accents in other languages, when people learn the langauge later in life. Since spanish was your first language, it is likely that this is influencing the way you move your mouth when you speak a "new" language, much moreso than with english.

    Hope this helped.

  2. maybe because thats your mother tongue….my g-mom has the same problem ….sorta….she from jalisco (mexico), came here when she was 19yrs old her english is not good but when she speaks french (she learned it in school) she has the perfect accent 🙂


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