How come many people think that Spanish and Mexican are the same?

I’m Spanish and my American classmates at least most of them not all, ask me why I have a Mexican surname and I look white.
It’s sooo anoying.
Spaniards are white. How come people can’t understand that?
And btw, not all Mexicans are brown. Some of them are still pure Spanish blood with no Native American in them.


  1. You should clarify that you are Spanish from Spain. Saying you’re "spanish" is too vague.
    "Spanish" could refer to Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, or Spanish from Spain. You have to be more specific. If I just said I was half Spanish, people would be like, oh, are you Mexican or something? If you want people to stop asking why you have a mexican surname, just tell them you’re a Spaniard.

  2. same reason people get us Americans confused with Canadians—they aren’t around our culture as much and don’t understand the difference—same with Asians, most other races can’t tell the difference between a Chinese person and a Korean person, but they can themselves—–if your not living in it, and all you know is from tv, its hard to know

    EDIT: for example here is a Spanish man–> and here is a Mexican man–>

    Hard to tell the difference, huh?

  3. I agree with the dude about canadians. Maybe its because they associate it with the language, "spanish". There’s no such thing as "I speak mexican!"

  4. You can only be Spanish if you were born in Spain. I never assume someone is of a particular nationality just by looking at them.

    Just be glad your classmates are taking an interest in you, you’d hate it even more if they ignored you or were horrible to you like that poor Irish girl Phoebe Prince who was hounded into committing suicide by her classmates.

    Trust me I'm a Doctor ♥
  5. I think what confuses people is that Mexicans speak Spanish, so they naturally say Mexicans are Spanish people.. its not meant to be offensive.. there are so many terms now… even Latinos doesnt cover everyone that speaks spanish…

  6. Because people are ignorant (lack of knowledge) and they don’t know that Latin are not all they same, that’s just like saying all black people are the same

    Lalala blah blah blah
  7. Because in the USA. are ignorant. who do not know what a map.

    by a one Spaniard there are two thousand Mexican and United States, and with reference to the Spanish language is of Mexican or Puerto Rican, Cuban, Colombian, etc. .. As Spain is not big enough or known internationally as France or Italy as it creates confusion.

    because we have the same language does not mean we are equal, another continent another country another culture, another race, another food etc …..

    Jamaicans speak English are the same as Australian English Canadians and Americans?

    Haitians speak French or are the same as the French?

  8. @ ViZu-BcN: why are you so upset? nobody tells you that spaniards are equal to mexicans. a lot of people knows that mexicans and spaniards are not the same although you speak the same language. but shit, we are all people. there’s no superior and inferior. i think you’re just getting paranoid. perhaps you may be an arogant person. is it?

  9. It’s all about numbers dude. Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world and happens to be right next to the U.S.A. Spain is only 40 Million and is an ocean away. More than 50% of hispanics in the USA are of Mexican origin. Spain just doesn’t have a strong cultural presence in the US the way Mexico has, i.e. Mexican food, cinco de Mayo, pinatas, Paulina Rubio, Salma etc. So far Spain’s only cultural import in the states is Antonio Banderas, (who plays Mexican/latino characters in american movies most of the time) and Penelope Cruz when she shows up for film premieres. It’s natural that Americans associate all things “Spanish” with Mexico, including the Spanish from Spain

  10. dude, i know how u feel kinda. People think im mexican but im puerto rican and they’re like “Isn’t that the same thing” and i wanna kick em in the face for that.
    or, i was born in new york and thy’re like : NEW YORK CITY!?! and im like ” no, in white plains. I was raised in the bronx with my fmaily.”

  11. @rr:
    the dude isn’t arrogant. it’s true what that person is saying. everyone always ask me if im mexican when i say im latina and im like ” dude, im puerto rican man.”

  12. Many people don’t know the history about Latino America & Spain. I went to spain last summer for vacation & not everyone is white okay! & in every country there are different colored people!


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