How come Mexicans speak spanish around me?

Well Everytime I go to wal-mart or any store in Knoxville,Tn they always speaking spanish around me, Do they think I’m mexican to or they saying bad things about me. Do mexicans thinks Light skin blacks are mexican to. Like if someone who died an the police did not know the ethnic background then they say maybe he’s light skin black or Mexican.
I not in there business or anything but it seems like when they around me they give me that look an strat speaking in spanish.


  1. because most mexicans speak spanish!!! were you hit on the head when you were small??

    No one cares what the hell your skin complexion is…. since you are so infatuated with it.

    Illiana P.
  2. I don’t think mexicans think light skinned blacks are mexican. They usually have different features. But anyway, I think they are just used to speaking in Spanish amongst each other. Why should they change that just because they are around you?

    I used to work for some Koreans and even though they knew how to speak English, they would speak in Korean amongst each other because they were used to it. I didn’t take it into offense so you shouldn’t either.

  3. To you or around you? Lots of people speak Spanish. The police thing, what are they supposed to think? If they look black or Mexican or white or Asian, chances are that’s what they are.

  4. Mexicans actually speak Spanish. Most of the Mexicans you see are most likely poor – they have a limited command of English and so, of course, they speak Spanish with each other. It’s no different to the Japanese speaking in Japanese to each other, or you using English with your friends.

    Of course, the cheap labour these Mexicans provide helps to maintain the cheap prices you take for granted when you go shopping in places like Walmart.

    If you really think they’re saying bad things about you, I think you need to re-examine your actual place in the universe. I doubt they even know you’re there, or if they do, that they care.

    chris m
  5. I bet they don’t even acknowledge the fact that you exist. It’s the language they speak.. and I don’t think they intentionally do it because they want to ‘talk’ about you.. i bet they could care less.

  6. Maybe they weren’t even talking to you—maybe you were just assuming that they were talking to you… well- hate to tell you this, but the world DOES NOT involves around you, girl!!!!…

  7. There are many reasons:
    Because they can not speak english!
    Maybe they talking about you!
    Maybe they want to check if you are mexican!

    Next time tell them to speak english or shut up!!

  8. I’m guessing that the only reason you’re getting answers from people that can’t relate to you is because most of them ARE mexican or some kind of spanish. I be thinking the same thing when mexicans are speaking spanish around me. This IS America, they need to speak ENGLISH…wtf do they think this is…MEXICO? newsflash, this still American, you did not take over yet…"yet". When people are speaking spanish around you just fake spanish and make fun of them, and if they say something just say "Oh, I didn’t know you spoke English!" They must not realize that they’re in America, they hop over the border so god dam* much, they forget which side is Mexico and which side is America.

  9. It’s because you are desperate for white men and they know that you dedicate your life to making 50 questions about them every day. YES they are talking about you. I’d talk about you if I saw you too. I am so proud of the Mexicans that saw you for this. I applaud them. 🙂

  10. you dummy its cuz they are mexican and they speak spanish around everyone. dont think ur special cuz ur not. and who cares if they speak spanish wats so bad about it? if it annoys you people so much just talk english around them and maybe they will get annoyed. stop biching (not you just you aliya wat ever ur name is)

  11. Wow! How complicate it is your life! Big deal! Have more tolerance! So what ? What’s the big deal? Sometimes i have east indian people speaking to me in punjabi and what? That doesn’t bothers me at all cuz i have criteria!

    How old are you? i think you have a problem call: Inferiority Complex.


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