how come spanish people can’t speak mexican?

and mexican people cant speak spanish
what the hell? it’s not like theirs differant versions of english!
ebonics died away so dont even go there haha
first off there is a differance you idiots if youd ever even traveled out side of your mamma’s house youd know that
they are both called spanish
but the spanrids speeak "spanish" and the mexicans speak "mexican"
it is spanish but not if you had the two of them in a room together the conversation wouldnt make it that far at all so who has an real explation for why these are so differant!
im 1/2 american and 1/2 english (like right off the boat english) so to me cockeny sounds just fine to me as well as the scots and irish they still use the same words it’s like with the spanish thing it completely differant
fair enough i mean i was asking for some pot…..mota…. moto somthing like that
haha it was easier getting it there than japan!


  1. Although both languages are called Spanish, they do differ. There are several versions of Spanish, depending on where you are in the world. And, although there are some differences, there are also many, many similarities and I think it’s fairly easy for most Spanish speakers to understand one another, at least vaguely.

    And, what do you mean there aren’t different versions of English? The difference in terminology between English speaking countries is HUGE, as are our accents. I have a really hard time understanding people with a deep cockney accent, and I also have a hard time understanding a lot of Scots. Even in the States, our accents and terminologies are so different that we don’t understand each other half the time!


    Edit: LizzardKing, I’ve traveled all over the world and I also studied Spanish for many years. My focus was Latin American Spanish, but I also had to learn some Mediterranean Spanish. They are VERY similar. There are some words that are different, and some pronunciations are different, but they are very similar.
    If you’ve actually seen problems, then it’s probably because the people in question were using so much of their native ‘slang’. If they spoke proper Spanish, they wouldn’t have THAT much problem communicating. Really.

    Edit again: Moto and Mota are both used, but I think probably the correct one would be Mota, since marijuana is ‘feminine’, so it would end with an ‘a’ instead of the masculine ‘o’. If you ask for Moto, they might think you want to rent a motorcycle. The old thumb and forefinger to the lips like you’re smoking makes it all come clear though, even if the word isn’t perfect. Apparently, you made it clear enough if you scored. đŸ˜‰

    Sweet Polly
  2. Speak Mexican? Honey I hate to break it to you but Mexicans speak Spanish……

    Spaniards speak Spanish/Castilian and Mexicans speak Spanish not Mexican there is no such thing as Mexican language there is however, great variations of Spanish words are used and understood in different SPANISH speaking countries.

    ok here it goes
  3. Spanish people can speak mexican…. its just that there are different words. Like for instance in "mexican" you say nosotros which means "we" in "spanish" you say vosotros which also means "we". And they also hate how you compare them. If you want to talk about them as a whole say "hispanics". But a mexican is from mexico and a spanish is from spain. Get it?

  4. Dear Illiterate,

    There is no such thing as a language called “Mexican”. Please go to school.

    Secondly, what you refer to are the differences on how each country speaks the language. Spaniards pronounce a “c” followed by an “e” or an “e” as a “z”, which no other Spanish-speaking country does. Also, some words change, but in NO WAY it means a Spaniard and a Mexican cannot understand each other. An English or Brit person and an American person may speak English differently, but it doesn’t mean they can’t understand each other.

    Please refrain from posting things without further investigation. Your miseducation miseducates others.

    Oh Wow....

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