How come the USA speak English and Latin America speaks Spanish?

Also in the USA or in Latin America do you have to know both Spanish and English to do certain jobs like nursing?


  1. The British ruled North America which is why the original 13 colonies spoke English. As the country grew, we took the language with us and displaced the other languages (both native and other colonial languages) spoken as the official language.

    I live in a part of the country where both Spanish and English are equally spoken (along with Vietnamese but that’s another story). After 20 plus years of telling family and friends they should be learning Spanish, I’m finally putting my money where my mouth is and learning it. I read it, write it and understand it much better than I speak it. My accent right now is just horrible. I work for a German based company and I speak, read and write German but it is not necessary to do my job but it does make it easier to communicate w/ some of my German colleagues when they come to visit.

    as to what language you need to speak for nursing:
    in the US English but it is useful if you also have another language and that language will depend on where you practice. In Houston, Tx: Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Russian would be very good languages for you to know in a hospital setting.

  2. you have to speak the primary language of the country your in to do nursing. the language depends on what country originally setttled in the country. in brazil its portugeesein canada french and english. the more languages you speak the better. in places where there are lots of both populations its necessary byt probably not required. for example in la or texas you need to speak both in rural arkansas probably not

    Tom R
  3. Because the british conquered North America…
    and the spaniards conquered the region we call Latin America.
    Except for Brazil which was conquered by Portugal.

    In Latin America you don´t have to speak both english and spanish, just the primary language, but learning english can be very useful and also learn more than 2 languages…

    ⋆Mena ⋆
  4. Because the spanish conquered almost the entire american continent, except half of the north who was conquered by the british and french. And few parts of south america, like Brazil who was conquered by Portugal.


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