How come there are no Spanish (yes, Spanish, not Mexican) restaurants in the US?

It is considered also with the Italian to be the best food in the world!
Is it just because there where no pure Spanish immigrants to the US?
If you know some restaurant that serves Spanish food where you live please tell me!
For those who don’t know about Spanish food, here are some examples:

Paella a la Valenciana
Fabada Asturiana
Callos a la Madrileña
Pulpo a la Gallega
LOL, what are the "red states"?
Yes, I never found anyone in Iowa!
To J F :

You couldn’t be more stupid and ignorant…
First of all, I’m 100% Spanish, not indigenous like you, garbage picker.
All my family lives in Spain.
Spanish food, not Mexican crap, is if not the best, the second best kind of food in the world.
Argentine beef, is by far the best in the world (and all of it is organic FYI). Everybody knows that!
And no, there are almost none Spanish rest. in the US!!!
Just crappy Mexican shit.
You probably just live on tacos and that crap, so you’d never know…
And, at last I have traveled to Spain 6 times, and 11 times to the US, so I’m not a cheap indian like you.
I make more money in a month that you’d ever make in your poor, sorry, obscure, indian, endogamic life…


  1. If I wanted some spanish food, I’d go to, set my location to where I was, and find the following section:

    Top > Food and Dining > Restaurants > Spanish

    For a good selection, I’ll have to drive to San Francisco.

  2. There are plenty of Spanish restaurants. You just need to live near one. Where I grew up in San Francisco and Marin County there was El Greco, which my girlfriend’s dad owned and La Barca and Sabor and El Paseo, plus lots of Tapas bars.

    You need to get out of the red states!

  3. FYI spanish restaurants exist in the US – they are plentiful – but u wouldn’t know that cos u are from Arg.
    Spanish food sucks anyway – its farmers food – u know basic fare – no one would ever compare it to the italian cuisine or french cusine.
    Ha – I never heard of argentinian res. – and every country in the world has steak – and the best meat is Japanese, British (regardless of the now non-existant BSE risk) or organic Texan!

    Haha England kicked Argie ass in the Falklands – LOL!

    Oh real Spaniards – look at you and wouldn’t let you wipe the dust from their shoes with your tongue….
    I promise you that – try going to spain – and u will be looked at like you are 2nd class….so there….

    J F
  4. Its sad how Argentine people always find a way to be a racist. You are a product of a racist colonial mind and your people will never have self identity, unitl you stop thinking you are Spaniard or any other European. Americans dont walk around saying they are Brittish, Australians dont walk around critizing Americans. We understand that we are a product of colonization and have made a culture of our own. Argentina is sad to discriminate against native people, calling people “indians” is so colonial. Your people need to evolve. And, Spanish food is tasty but not the best, bland, for the bland taste buds.


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