How did you learn to speak Spanish?

And how long did it take? I’ve been taking Spanish classes since the 6th grade (I’m now in 10th) and I know verryyy LITTLE Espanol. I have a few Honduran, Dominican, El Salvadoran, and Guatamalen friends at school but we don’t speak in Spanish when we’re around each other. It’s kinda crazy because half of my family’s Cuban, I just never known how to speak the language. Any suggestions?


  1. You learn from the streets. The more you hear it, then the more spanish makes more sense. There are also plenty of products out there that can help you learn if class room learning is not for you. Class room learning generally helps you learn the backbone of a language. Hanging out with spanish people, helps you to speak spanish. Living in a spanish country, turns your spanish into a new vocabulary with new ways of pronunciationg (eg. Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Dominican spanish are all pronounces differently with different ways of calling things)

  2. Before my freshman year, I barely knew anything in Spanish and now I sound pretty much fluent (in only 3 years). Taking a Spanish class in school isn’t enough, you really need to practice it outside of class and really get into it. Even if your friends don’t speak Spanish around each other, don’t hesitate to ask them to, so you can get practice. If they’re good friends, they’ll definitely help you out. I do that constantly with my boyfriend, and he never acts like it’s dumb. If anything, he’s happy that I WANT to learn. Other than real life situations, try watching spanish tv. You can pick up new words and by listening to native speakers talk you’ll pick up their accent at least a little. Reading Spanish newspapers or magazines also help.

    I really hope that helps!

    Muñeca <3
  3. My first language was Spanish, but that isn’t the point. You will only learn a little bit of Spanish from school. You will learn a little from people in public or TV. The rest you should learn manually. Youtube has videos that will show how to speak Spanish. I am doing the same thing but with Japanese. Tell your friends if they can quiz you. This will help you see your progress.

    Me Me
  4. I learned to speak Spanish from my mom & in school. I just learned vocabulary from my mom (she’s from the Dominican Republic) & I learned actual sentences/grammar, ect. from school & this is my second year in it. I can hold a decent conversation w/ people in Spanish. Try talking with your Cuban relatives more, because you’d pick up more than you probably think you would from them.

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