1. I’m Mexican, and I’ve been to Spain. In Mexico, there are 2 completely different Spanish languages. The type that the upper class along and the middle class people speak, and the type of Spanish that people with low economic resources speak.

    The type of Mexican Spanish that people who are not poor speak, is not hat different than the one from Spain, except for difference in accent.

    Mexicans who crossed illegally to the USA, or Mexican-Americans whose parents were illegal alien speak the type of Spanish that is completely different than the one from Spain. Americans think that this is the Spanish spoken in Mexico, you can see that on TV shows such as Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill, and on a lot of Hollywood movies.

    Any Mexican with as much as a High School education wouldn’t have any communication problem if that person ever visited Spain.

  2. they´re very different, European Spanish is like English from England and Latin American is like North American English

  3. In Spain, they use "vosotros", in South America is used "ustedes". Europeans are more verbose and use more lexical, tend to speak in a strange slang (jargon), full of idioms, and Spanish with a heavy accent, pronounce zeta rare.

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